How Connected Devices and the IoT Improve Field Service

How Connected Devices and the IoT Improve Field Service

Connected devices and systems are much more powerful than disparate ones. But, for field service, connectivity needs to be more than simply being able to read the current status of a connected device remotely. Embedding sensors in devices and equipment as part of the Internet of Things can completely transform multiple aspects of field service.

Get alerts and data from connected devices

Sensors enable devices to send alerts when they are about to fail or just need regular maintenance. Smart sensors don’t simply improve the company’s ability to provide effective service, but also help prevent the many related problems that can stem from equipment failures.

In addition, they provide vast amounts of useful information about everything from common reasons for failure to trends in device usage.

The combination of alerts and analytics make connecting equipment for superior service an easy choice for companies to make.

Fix common problems faster and track resolution data accurately

Connected devices are able to not only request service, but also provide information about why they needed service in the first place. If a battery is failing fast or systems in a certain area always need service first—perhaps due to weather patterns or electricity supplies—the data from connected devices can uncover that trend and help companies correct problems faster.

Start tracking metrics today: Firms that display best-in-class performance are 50% more likely than industry average to use KPIs/metrics to measure, manage and reward service delivery performance. (Aberdeen Group)

Digitized connected field service systems also provide the foundation for identifying and resolving problems more quickly by removing the weeks that can go by between when an issue is recorded on paper and when it’s entered into a system.

Having access to the right data immediately enables companies to transform their performance on key metrics such as First Time Fix (FTF) as well as Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), install (MTTI), or service (MTTS). Not only that, but companies can also become better at tracking these metrics accurately by removing delays in reporting issues.

Using connected devices for alerts and metrics is just one of the ways that field service management can be improved through connectivity. Read more: Five Essential Steps to Transform the Field Service Experience.