Harmonize your data to amplify Salesforce Wave Analytics

Harmonize your data to amplify Salesforce Wave Analytics

One of Salesforce’s biggest announcements at Dreamforce a month ago was their cloud analytics platform, Wave.   We were thrilled to co-develop our Wave connector with Salesforce and to be part of their announcement as the strategic integration solution for harmonizing and aggregating data from multiple sources into Wave.  Jitterbit Analytics Connect harnesses the power of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud and external data, allowing business users to instantly analyze on-premise, cloud, mobile and social enterprise data from any device.  With 90% of enterprise data still living behind the firewall, effective analytics requires a data integration strategy to bring all of this information together.

As the Financial Post tells it, Wave is “analytics reinvented for everyone, Wave’s interface was designed to allow business users to easily gain insights from data. It was inspired by games like Angry Birds”.  This means that users can drag and drop data from Salesforce, even if that data is from partner apps built on the platform.  This level of usability and flexibility represents an evolution of the consumerization of IT, bringing advanced insights to users that were previously inaccessible.

Jitterbit is the perfect complementary solution to Wave as it too is designed for the business user — putting integration capabilities directly into the hands of the Line of Business that uses Wave and needs access to data from the rest of the Enterprise to truly make it sing.

We are excited to power the data integration that makes the Salesforce Analytics Cloud such an effective tool for uncovering new insights in today’s data-driven world.  Salesforce continues to be one of our closest partners and we are proud to play such a key role in helping deliver a transformative product from the undisputed cloud leader.

Ultimately, integration is a piece of the Big Data puzzle.  Data abounds and making sense of it all will be the lynchpin to success in the new digital age.  Utilizing a powerful analytics platform that harnesses data from multiple applications can bring powerful insights to decision makers at all levels of an organization, empowering smarter moves, faster.  Welcome to the analytics enabled world.

Jitterbit Analytics Connect is available now and you can try it free!  Want to learn more?  Connect with a Jitterbit expert and we’ll give you the full scoop, a live demo, and help you become victorious by analysis.