Enterprise Application Integration that Works for Customers

Enterprise Application Integration that Works for Customers

Our enterprise application integration case studies all hit on one thing: Jitterbit is different. Customers often tell us that we were the only integration vendor that actually responded to requests when other companies went dark, and made a real commitment to see their integration project through to success.

This infographic and blog post highlight a couple of ways that our 10 years of enterprise application integration experience and deep commitment to customers make a difference in the customer experience.

Fast, Easy Integration Implementations

Most Jitterbit customers self-implement in less than a month – much faster than the competition, which may require months-long implementation projects with multiple stakeholders.

  • 60% of Jitterbit customers self-implement

  • 60% of Jitterbit customers implement in under two weeks

Substantial Time Savings with Application Integration

About 25% of Jitterbit customers save more than 20 hours per week thanks to integration, or the equivalent of half a full-time employee. That frees up a lot of time to focus on more important tasks.

Meaningful Customer Support for Integrations

We’ll let our customers speak for themselves here:

“We’ve been supported in every aspect, technical or nontechnical.”
– Jay Roy, CEO, AWPRx

Like what you hear? Take a close look at the infographic for more:

Jitterbit Customer Infographic


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