EDI Integration for Omnichannel Retail Success

EDI Integration for Omnichannel Retail Success

Our partner SPS Commerce is an EDI expert, helping more than 60,000 trading partners successfully deliver over 1.3 million products to thousands of companies. But EDI is just one piece of a very complex puzzle when it comes to the omnichannel retail experience. Accounts payable, marketing campaigns, customer service efforts and many other complex endeavors are necessary to get right in order to complete the ecommerce puzzle. That’s why EDI has partnered with us so we can provide EDI integration to its customers’ ERP systems, hooking up EDI with backend systems to help companies move faster and fulfill orders more accurately.

Today we kick off of the SPS In:fluence omnichannel retail conference in Minneapolis (RIP), where retail industry experts from Walmart, Forrester, Macy’s and more will join forces to examine the ins and outs of EDI and where the omnichannel retail space is going next. Attendees can expect insightful presentations on everything from managing product content to getting inventory visibility, all with an eye to creating great customer experiences.

Jitterbit and SPS Commerce have collaborated on many successful EDI integration projects for leading companies, including one of our favorites, Skullcandy. By working together to connect EDI data from SPS Commerce with Skullcandy’s ERP system (SAP On Demand), Jitterbit and SPS were able to accelerate order fulfillment times from a whole day to just 30 minutes, so Skullcandy customers get to rock out faster, and return subpar headphones more easily.

Other successful EDI case studies for Jitterbit include Bounce Energy, which connected to the Texas state energy systems, and Profill, which was able to begin working with EDI for the first time thanks to integration. If you have any EDI integration needs or curiosity about where omnichannel retail is going, attend SPS In:fluence or contact us to learn more!

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