Dreamforce Agenda Builder 2015: Choose Your Own Adventure

Dreamforce Agenda Builder 2015: Choose Your Own Adventure

Coordinating the various aspects of your business can be difficult. At Jitterbit, we make that easier with products like Harmony Live, an API orchestration platform that helps different apps talk to each other so you can digitize your business in the way you choose.

But new apps (and new APIs) come out all the time. So even when your existing systems work well together, you need a way to stay on top of new additions that could enhance everything you do. A great way to do that is to attend industry events (which we love to do, too). And one of the biggest events in the software industry is Dreamforce, your guide to all things Salesforce.

Coming up in just seven weeks, Dreamforce is the conference to end all conferences. There are thousands of sessions over four busy days, and all of it can be pretty overwhelming – especially since your brain is not a supercomputer. It’s kind of like looking at all the apps you use to run your business and not knowing where to start connecting them. (A Jitterbit free trial might be one way we’d suggest to solve that problem.)

Fortunately, Salesforce offers a Dreamforce Agenda Builder that helps Dreamforce attendees “choose their own adventure” and create a great event experience. To build your own agenda takes just a couple of easy steps, covered in this useful Agenda Builder demo from Salesforce:

In addition to the demo, Salesforce has a great article filled with helpful suggestions on choosing your Dreamforce agenda. Check it out, and build your agenda today using these suggestions along with some of our top tips, which follow below.

Keep it simple

Sure, you can register for everything (especially if you start early), but then you won’t be able to enjoy anything. Focusing on just three or four sessions per day will help you get the most out of each session. This advice also applies to integrating applications – while it’s possible to integrate absolutely everything, it pays to be smart about designing the integrations that will do the most for your business.

Try something new

It’s important to focus on sessions that are relevant to your role, and the Agenda Builder will help you do that with its personalization tools. But as we know at Jitterbit, business is changing fast and you risk getting left behind if you operate with blinders on. So, try a session on the Internet of Things, Wearables, or even Science Fiction, or check out Zones (Admin, Developer, or Partner) that have nothing to do with your job. You may be surprised by how many new ideas these experiences generate for getting work done in your own position.

Get certified

It’s possible to get Salesforce certifications at Dreamforce, so plan your agenda with that in mind. If you can show up a bit early, attend a few training sessions, and get certified in an aspect of the Salesforce platform, you will not only help your organization get better returns on its Salesforce investment, but also boost your own professional skills.

So, there you have it: a couple of tips for creating a successful Agenda Builder Experience. For more Dreamforce tips and tricks, check out the “Road to Dreamforce” video series from Salesforce and stay tuned to our blog. And, of course, don’t forget to register for our sessions at Dreamforce:

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  • Salesforce Integration: The Digital Connectivity Roadmap
  • Salesforce Connectivity: Integrate Salesforce for Better Business Results

To get started connecting your apps to Salesforce so you can have the best Dreamforce possible, check out our Salesforce integration solutions.

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