Dreamforce 2015 Video Playlist

Dreamforce 2015 Video Playlist

Dreamforce 2015 may have ended just over a month ago, but most of the session videos are now online so you can relive the experience and recall some of the insights that may have slipped past you in the chaos. Check out the YouTube channel for a complete selection of Dreamforce videos, or enjoy some Jitterbit highlights below.


Differentiating with Service for Manufacturers – Service Excellence

featuring our customer Dover Artificial Lift

Service-based business models are transforming the relationship between manufacturers and customers. This is where the next battles are being fought for differentiation and superiority so manufacturers can stay ahead of their competitors. Join this session to learn how leading Manufacturers are leveraging the Salesforce Service Excellence solution to deliver impeccable services to their customers.


Sandboxes: The Future of App Development

featuring our customers Salesforce and Barnet Associates

Major Releases, Minor Releases. Developers, Testers. Refreshes and Previews. How do you manage all of these various demands in your Salesforce environments and sandboxes? Join Farhan Tahir, Platform Product Manager, as he shares details on how to tackle these problems around sandbox management through the use of both processes and tools. As well as insight on roadmap features to make development efficient and agile by automating with Salesforce Sandboxes.

AppExchange Apps for Sales Ops Excellence

featuring our customers Salesforce and Odyssey Logistics

Join us as a few seasoned sales ops professionals share their favorite apps for supercharging sales teams’’ speed, motivation, and success. Get tips and tricks for finding and testing apps, then putting them to work so your sales team can focus on quality connections, while technology takes care of the busy work.


Integrate Everything: How a 360 Student View Can Help Your School Do a 180

featuring our customer Berklee Online

Creating a 360-degree student view often requires pulling data from multiple information systems across campus – placing a great deal of importance on how well those systems work together. If they aren’t seamlessly integrated, duplicate records can be created or data can remain siloed. Join this session to hear how the Berklee Online is integrating data from multiple sources and is using Salesforce to obtain an accurate and real-time 360-degree student view.


Drive Adoption Through Great Data Quality

featuring our VP of Marketing Dan Oxenburgh

Maintaining quality data is a journey that involves data import, data cleansing, and potential field-level governance. Join us to learn day-to-day strategies and tips for managing your data in Salesforce and keeping your org running lean and clean.


Stay tuned for the next round of Dreamforce videos. Or check out one of our demos or video testimonials:

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