Double Your ROI with SAP & Salesforce Integration

Double Your ROI with SAP & Salesforce Integration
  • Can your customer service and your sales department see the same view of your customers?
  • Can finance recognize revenue without touching multiple applications and reports?
  • How quickly do you fulfill orders and ship them?

According to a recent Nucleus Research report, half of unrealized CRM ROI opportunities come from lack of integration with the back office.

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Here are 3 areas where you’re missing out on significant ROI by not connecting SAP to Salesforce:

  1. Give sales and customer service a single view of your customers. Incomplete data can leave sales reps without the opportunity to upsell and prevent customer service reps from getting to the root of a problem because customer order history is not readily accessible. Stocking a variety of products ought to present cross-selling opportunities, but these opportunities are easily missed if information is not integrated with Salesforce. Giving your sales and customer service reps a single view of customers alleviates these issues by allowing them to work off of the same complete view of your customer data.
  2. Fulfill orders faster and ship them on-time. Placing an order is often not done by the sales or customer service rep, but by someone in the procurement or fulfillment department. As a result, the products on the order may be backordered or out of stock, and will be subject to delays in shipping. Meanwhile, this lack of data sharing means your sales and customer service departments are left without actionable information, and customers become increasingly frustrated and impatient when they cannot obtain order status information. Integrating Salesforce with SAP means you have a true closed-loop process and automated opportunity-to-order processes. The result is orders are fulfilled faster your customer satisfaction increases.
  3. Optimize payment processes and pricing. Your back-office ERP system is the system of record for customer payment information and product data, while your CRM system contains customer contact information and other sales-related activities. Without integration you can’t automate payment notifications to your customers and your sales reps may quote out of date prices to prospects. This leads to uncollected cash from customers and unrealized sales when prospects walk away from situations where their expectations are not met. With integration you can identify delinquent accounts in real-time and your sales team can accurately quote prices to win more deals. Even better, your finance department will recognize revenue sooner!

View the recorded webinar “Unlock the Value of SAP with Salesforce Integration”