Data Isn’t Simply a Goal. Data is the Change Agent.

Data Isn’t Simply a Goal. Data is the Change Agent.

Digital transformation is no longer a luxury, even for millenia-old commerce: Industry 4.0 demands greater visibility, efficiency, and control from any manufacturing outfit that wants to remain competitive.

Bringing this industry to the forefront of technological competitiveness, ensuring a seamless flow of information across your value chain, and to remain competitive in Industry 4.0 calls for a true Digital Transformation Pioneer.

Enter in Andrew Rieser, President and Co-Founder of Mountain Point, where he and his team help “old school” manufacturers modernize their supply chain, all on the Salesforce platform.

His expertise in IT, data, and software engineering were helpful to the Department of Defense (DoD) when he worked at CSC as a project manager. Previously, his technical background was utilized at Permco as the Director of Technology, and various other IT positions across verticals. His MS in Software Engineering underscores his nearly 15 years in digital transformation across verticals.

Yeah, he knows his stuff.

On this episode, Andrew delivered a few powerful lessons on being a data-centric business, and how to navigate the difficult terrain of digital change in an under-digitized vertical.

He Started Out at the DoD. But Change Was Too Slow

“Data is everything. Data is king.”
— Andrew Rieser

Before founding Mountain Point, Andrew loved his work at Permco, CSC, and others. Particularly at CSC, though, in their CSC Identity Labs. There, he was the solutions architect and PM for a wide range of software, including data capture for fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition. “It was big data, before big data was cool,” he said.

They had a contract with the DoD to help the military identify the bad guys. This fulfilling work. But, change comes slowly in the government, and digitizing the military was taking far too long for the pace Andrew wanted to work.

So he went private. He found his way to manufacturing, because of the legacy systems still residing in this dark world of commerce. Andrew’s shining a much-needed light.

Data Is Everything. Especially in Manufacturing

Here’s the state of manufacturing: When Andrew walks into a plant, he typically finds green screens on laptops, and siloed backlogs full of data that never make it to any usable front-facing form factor.

To take this industry into the 21st century, 4 pillars are crucial (and these go for any industry):

  • People
  • Process
  • Tech
  • Data

All 4 of those have to be in alignment. That’s the kind for framework that must be laid out for any real progress.

Specifically, “data is everything. Data is king.”

Every digital transformation project is centered around people, process, tech, and data.”
— Andrew Rieser

Every discussion starts and ends there:

How can we enable this manufacturing site to harness operational and business data for greater customer satisfaction, enhanced visibility, tighter control, and optimal data flow?

From the Beginning, Success Must Be Clearly Defined

As part of their process up front, Mountain Point defines success from the beginning. So even in presale discussions with manufacturers, they have discussions around what value we think can be achieved throughout these different projects or processes or integrations they’re going to put in place.

They get very granular with these successes, using objective metrics.

This could be as simple as a time study, to determine where there is waste, or a specific increase in quotes delivered or meetings held.

Ultimately, this focus on objective success helps them generate buzz to garnish more revenue (case studies, marketing material, word of mouth, etc.).

Gaining Company-Wide Support for Rapid Change

When moving the needle for digital transformation in such a legacy-based industry, the support of the company culture is key.


  1. Strong leaders who can transparently explain why the organization is going through digital transformation, and what impact the process will have.
  2. Effective communication that ensures everyone they have a voice, a role, responsibility, and most importantly, accountability.

Last Tip From a Digital Transformation Pro

Andrew left us with a unique tip (this revolves around marketing!).

When you are trying to convince others about their (perhaps desperate) need for transformation, stick with funny.

Mountain Point markets their product to the leaders of manufacturing plants in a satirical way that points out “Hey, we know what problems you’re facing. And they’re humorous.”

Make ‘em laugh.

Taken from an interview with Andrew Rieser from Mountain Point. Hear more from other Digital Transformation Pioneers.

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