Customer Q & A: Catholic Charities of the East Bay

Customer Q & A: Catholic Charities of the East Bay

The ongoing Customer Q & A blog series highlights a wide range of Jitterbit customers to find out what business needs drove their integration requirements and why they made Jitterbit their integration solution of choice.

In this week’s hot seat is Kathryn Lee, Quality Assurance Manager, and Salesforce Administrator of Catholic Charities of the East Bay, which is a multi-service, social services agency that provides everything from safety net services to mental health services.

How did you find out about Jitterbit and what were some of the reasons you chose it as your integration solution?

Catholic Charities of the East Bay services a wide range of clients’ needs including rental assistance, legal immigration and refugee resettlement. Our organization uses Salesforce to track our client services as well as their outcomes. All of our different departments were represented in Salesforce except for legal immigration because it requires specialized government forms that go into a specific database called INSZoom.

Because of the fact that we were not able to integrate all of our departments into Salesforce, we were often unable to provide accurate data when we submitted forms for grants, or statistical information to our Board of Directors or donors – all essential parts to maintaining our quality of business. Our main area of deficiency was client count information because it was always missing the legal immigration piece. We knew that we had two choices – to become experts in all of the different forms required for our legal immigration department, or find a way to finally integrate the data.

We decided to see if we could find a company that could integrate all of our information as well as taking on the challenge of integrating with INSZoom. INSZoom had never worked with an integration company before and they were nervous about the challenges. We didn’t expect that any company would tell us we could effectively integrate, but Jitterbit came in and said with confidence that they could do it. My Account Executive never let me give up hope and he was there with me every step of the way. The Jitterbit team took the time to speak with the people who worked on the INSZoom database, and even brought in their technical team to reassure everyone. But the folks at Jitterbit always brought the information down to a level that even non-technical teams could understand, so going with them was an easy decision to make.

How do you currently use Jitterbit?

With Jitterbit, we have been able to integrate our Salesforce database, where our client services are tracked, with the INSZoom database, where our legal immigration program tracks their clients. Implementing Jitterbit was easy. They allowed a ton of flexibility in creating options to work around the fact that INSZoom did not have their APIs built out. Integrating was new to Catholic Charities of the East Bay as well as INSZoom, but Jitterbit seamlessly connected us with Salesforce in a way that allowed us to produce the best data for our business, Board of Directors and donors. Even someone who does not come from a coding background, and is new to being a Salesforce Administrator, can easily gain confidence with Jitterbit’s integration process.

Now our staff doesn’t have to worry about performing double data entry. They already have extremely large case loads, and therefore barely enough time to complete the necessary data entry into Salesforce, much less duplicating that information for INSZoom. Now our staff can spend more time with their clients and less time inputting the same data into multiple locations. There’s a growing excitement within our organization to further implement Jitterbit. Our staff feels confident that they can set-up an integration and it will work because Jitterbit’s layout easily takes you through the steps and makes our jobs easier.

From a business perspective, how has Jitterbit helped you?

Jitterbit has brought us to a much higher level of data quality and confidence. Now we can produce statistics that truly show how many clients we have served each fiscal year as well as how we have served them. Before Jitterbit, our data was inaccurate. Presenting the correct information regarding client outcomes and key indicators to our donors and Board of Directors is critical to gaining the proper monetary and volunteer support we need. Jitterbit has also saved our staff a tremendous amount of time and has allowed us to improve our services to our clients. Focusing more on our clients has always been our goal and now we can do it.

Our Jitterbit integration has been crucial to our organization having true, effective Salesforce implementation. Our systems are less laborious and require less data entry. We now realize that we can integrate Jitterbit across numerous departments that are required to use multiple databases from City Governments as well as the Federal Government. We feel positive that expanding our use of Jitterbit will benefit our business in many ways we have yet to realize.

Thanks Kathryn!

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