Connected Data Fuels the Salesforce Einstein Engine

Connected Data Fuels the Salesforce Einstein Engine

connecting dataAnother Dreamforce has come to a close, which means we’ll all spend the next few months discussing the ideas and trends that surfaced.

The overriding theme of Dreamforce ‘16, the one thing you could not escape, was machine learning. Salesforce is touting their artificial intelligence service, Einstein (“everyone’s data scientist”), as the next generation of technology for the customer experience.

The idea is simple: As Einstein learns from Salesforce data, it provides proactive guidance such as making a service call before a piece of equipment breaks or predicting the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign. Demos showed how Einstein is even able to anticipate the percentage of opportunities converting to deals, generate lead scores to identify the best opportunities to go after and predict a business’s competitors.

So if you dig deeper, the theme is data.

Einstein is nothing without data, especially diverse and varied data. Relying on one source of data is fine, but it won’t give you the robust results you really need to make better business decisions.

During many Dreamforce sessions, Salesforce emphasized the need for data from other sources, not Salesforce alone. Consider how integrating back-office systems, marketing analytics, product information, inventory and purchase details with Salesforce for Einstein to analyze is considerably more powerful and actionable than simply using Salesforce Sales Cloud data.

To get diverse data into Salesforce for Einstein to learn, predict and provide valuable insights, you need connectivity to other sources of business-critical data.

Dig deeper once more, and the theme becomes connectivity and integration. Connected data is what truly fuels the Einstein engine.

If you buy into Salesforce’s vision (at Jitterbit, we do!) and have analytics and machine learning in your future, ensuring you have the right integration and digital connectivity strategy is essential.

You need an enterprise-class integration platform that grows and changes with your data needs to leverage all the different data sources and bring them into Salesforce—today and tomorrow.

​Learn more about how to take advantage of machine learning solutions and the smarter approach to Salesforce integration at our post-Dreamforce webinar.