Citizen Integrator Recipe of the Week: Sales and Marketing Alignment

Citizen Integrator Recipe of the Week: Sales and Marketing Alignment

At the end of last year, we introduced Citizen Integrator, our new solution designed to make complex integrations a breeze. Our goal is to enable anyone, even the non-technical, to quickly and easily integrate a wide variety of apps.

Previously, we talked about ecommerce integration solutionstoday will be all about sales and marketing integration.

Benefits of closer sales-marketing alignment

To succeed, both sales and marketing need to be on the same page on everything, working in close alignment with one another to advance the company’s overall goals. Salesforce’s 2016 State of Marketing report found that the best marketing teams are 7.7 times more likely than industry laggards to lead the customer journey enterprise-wide. Billion-dollar firms that don’t properly align marketing and sales are likely missing out on approximately $100 million in revenue every year due to this misalignment.

So if getting sales and marketing to closely work together is so critical, why are so many firms not doing it right? Too often, the issues rest with misaligned apps. The systems the sales department use can be dramatically different than what the marketing team has. This technology misalignment, along with the inability to have a single view of data, all but ensures that effective collaboration can’t happen.

What app integration looks like for sales and marketing

Here are a few examples of the apps and technology sales and marketing teams can better align, and the benefits that come from that alignment:

  • Linking Salesforce with NetSuite Accounts allows sales and marketing teams to see billing history and have up-to-the-minute accounting information on hand.
  • Connecting Zoho Accounts with Salesforce enables smaller businesses to have total visibility over the accounting history of their customer base, and to see how marketing efforts affect accounts payable.
  • Joining together Salesforce and Zoho Products provides sales and marketing teams with both the history and details of their accounts, plus the project management tools to ensure their strategies become reality.
  • Attaching Zoho Leads to Salesforce creates the ultimate lead management and oversight tool.
  • Have all customer and client information be in one place and easily verifiable by combining Salesforce with Zoho Contacts.
  • The combination of Salesforce and Zoho Cases allows marketing and sales teams to more easily capture, log and recall client and customer feedback.
  • Linking together Salesforce with DotMailer and/or ConstantContact Contacts gives marketing and sales teams the ultimate in email marketing tools.
  • Sales and Marketing teams can even create a super-powered customer relationship management suite by connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Salesforce, creating a solution with the breadth and usability from Microsoft and the benefits of Salesforce’s advanced features like Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts.

The integrations above are all pre-built in Citizen Integrator for quick, simple connectivity. Want to see what else Citizen Integrator has to offer? Check out our free 30-day trial.

How sales and marketing can handle their own IT challenges

By connecting the disparate apps currently used in sales and marketing, these departments have easy access to more data and no roadblocks in their technology use, which all lead to better business decisions. But, these benefits can happen only through connectivity.

By adopting a self-service integration solution built to link together all of the apps sales and marketing use, these teams gain all of the benefits of technology alignment without any of the connection headaches or IT queues of yore.