How Can a Self-service Integration Platform Help IT?

How Can a Self-service Integration Platform Help IT?

IT teams are dealing with more data, applications and devices than ever. Some estimates put the number of cloud apps the average mid-to-large business uses at 300 to 400. Often, these apps aren’t purchased through IT or managed and monitored properly. It’s a huge security and governance risk.

The days of employees going through central IT for software are over, but IT is still on the hook for quickly building connections between all of the apps that are procured by other departments.

Most integration technologies are designed to speak to apps, not users. Unless you speak SOA, ESB, SOAP or REST, you have to rely on the technical folks who do. And if you are one of the technical folks, everything has fallen to you—and you don’t have time to keep up.

Traditional integration solutions also simply cannot scale out fast enough to keep up with today’s business demands.

The best solution: a self-service integration platform. Make it easier for employees to integrate their own apps, while central IT monitors the apps and integrations.

Self-service integration tools allow non-technical users to connect apps and services in an intuitive, step-by-step experience without exhausting valuable IT resources. And a company can manage and monitor all integrations on a central integration platform to ensure the quality and consistency of business demands.

With a self-service integration solution, IT gets to maintain control with centralized governance and security, give permission to integrate apps and allow best-practice integrations from one safe place.

Pre-built integration templates to popular apps can be exposed through IT in a business application, corporate IT portal or product offering without spending too much time manually building integrations. This shortens integration development and implementation time and frees IT staff from the burden of building and maintaining connections.

Best of all, with self-service integration, IT can add value by overcoming integration project backlogs and becoming a proactive leader in their company’s march toward digital transformation.


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