Big Data Integration: Unleash Your Business Intelligence

Big Data Integration: Unleash Your Business Intelligence

With Big Data occupying the conversation in any CIO’s data analytics plan, IT and Marketing departments are scrambling to figure out how to best leverage the sometimes terabytes of data they are collecting.  Big Data integration is the key to unleashing the potential of all this data and allowing companies to truly benefit from the gold mine of information sitting in disparate data sources.

The path to revolutionary data analytics is driven by two business realities:

  1. The ability (or lack thereof) to access real-time business data and compare it to historical data.
  2. The ability (or lack thereof) to leverage data from social networks, financial services, and verticalized data services and match it with internal business data.

For data analytics to work, the information must be moved reliably from app to app, one-to-one, many-to-many, or many-to-one — all while maintaining data quality.  Fortunately there is a solution that offers big data integration, moving millions of records in minutes… you guessed it: Jitterbit.

Technologies such as parallel processing and and intelligent data chunking allow Jitterbit to move data much more quickly and reliably than other solutions.  With our 5.0 release earlier this year, we added support for high-volume cloud API’s, which gives organizations the ability to plug into modern cloud, social, and mobile architectures — where Big Data is exploding — and connect it with the rest of their enterprise.

If you’re drowning in Big Data and want to discuss navigating the sea of data and making it work for you, give us a holler.