Best Tips and Tricks to Get the Most from Dreamforce

Best Tips and Tricks to Get the Most from Dreamforce

Dreamforce-keynote MarcWhew, a lot has changed at Jitterbit since the last Dreamforce! In the past 12 months, Jitterbit has nearly doubled in size, we had two major Harmony platform releases (with a third coming shortly after Dreamforce) and we were very proud to have KKR throw their support behind us with a $20m B-round investment.

Dreamforce 2016 also represents a whole new ballgame for us. Jitterbit is a gold sponsor this year, with additional presence in the Developer Forest and .Org Lodge. Our customers and partners are representing us in a dozen sessions, including a couple hosted by Salesforce in which they’ll highlight how they use Jitterbit to integrate and automate their revenue operations.

More than 40,000 Salesforce customers are on the Harmony platform, and we can’t wait to see them once again at Dreamforce. With so much going on and packed into the first week of October, we thought we’d ask some of our Dreamforce veterans to share the best advice and inside knowledge to help you get the most from the year’s largest—and potentially most overwhelming—cloud conference.

Name: George Gallegos

Title: CEO

Years attending Dreamforce: 10

Best advice: “In an event all about technology, what matters are the people.”

Quick tips:

  • Take the opportunity to connect in person. While we do almost all of our business over the phone and online, there is still no better way to understand someone’s challenges (and successes) than connecting with them eyeball to eyeball. The most valuable part of Dreamforce for me is the chance to meet and talk with our customers and partners. I not only get to meet smart, forward-thinking folks from different walks of life, but I also get to really understand the value that digital connectivity brings to their companies, employees and even their own clients.
  • Reconnect with your network. Time flies in our personal and professional lives, and there’s no better place to catch up with friends and colleagues than the biggest cloud event of the year. Second only to meeting our customers and partners, I love hearing what my network is up to these days. Often we discover ways we can work together, either by introducing their solutions and services to our team or helping them solve some of their own integration challenges. There’s usually also a good “remember when” story to reminisce about. Dreamforce is a great time to nurture the relationships you’ve built over the years.
  • Recognize the great work of your team. An enormous amount of time and effort goes into pulling off a successful Dreamforce. Months of strategy, planning, and execution all comes together in one short crazy week. Our presence at Dreamforce has grown over the years, and I’m very proud to be a Gold sponsor in 2016. But I’m even more impressed every year when our team represents Jitterbit across multiple booths, dozens of sessions, parties, and much more. When everyone is working in harmony, we pull off a week that is rewarding on so many different levels. To paraphrase Ferris Bueller: Dreamforce moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around, you might miss the amazing work your team is doing.


Name: Krishna Varia

Title: Director of Marketing Programs

Years attending Dreamforce: 10

Best advice: “Use the Dreamforce mobile app.”

Quick tips:

  • It’s a big campus. If you can’t find your way around, ask for directions.
  • Sign up for and arrive at sessions early. Popular sessions get filled up fast.
  • Have an agenda for the week and be picky; you can’t do everything at Dreamforce. Our friends at New Voice Media call this FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).
  • If you need your coffee in the morning, be prepared to stand in long lines. It’s best to drink coffee in your hotel room before you leave for the day.


Name: Vera Rossi

Title: Director of Strategic Alliances

Years attending Dreamforce: 7

Best advice: “Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. It’s a social event! There are a lot of interesting people at Dreamforce. Sometimes sparking up a conversation will lead to an opportunity and maybe a friendship. So get out there and be social!”

Quick tips:

  • Pace yourself, because there will be a lot going on.
  • Before you even enter the expo floor, know the top 10 vendors that you want to visit; it’s easy to get distracted.
  • For anyone visiting from out of town, pick a couple must-dos in San Francisco to enhance your experience at Dreamforce and get the most out of your visit.


Name: Ilya Pupko

Title: VP of Engineering

Years attending Dreamforce: 2

Best advice: “The Dev Zone is dismissed by many, but it is a source of the most impactful connections. People who come here have real pains and are ripe for real discussions and conversion. You get to actually talk to people here and establish a personal connection; this ‘intimate’ (at least for Dreamforce) setting is not available in any other zone.”

Quick tips:

  • I always run out of business cards anyway, so I try not to give them out unless absolutely required. I collect other people’s cards instead.
  • Write down the pain points and other relevant details from the conversations you have; leads with data have a much higher probability of ending up in the 20 percent pipe.
  • Try to drink hot beverages throughout the event. I always lose my voice.


Name: Alan Sabin

Title: Enterprise Account Exec

Years attending Dreamforce: 10

Best advice: “Leverage the fact that Jitterbit has many knowledgeable and influential people that attend. This gives our customers the ability to understand and influence the roadmap and our prospects the opportunity to learn how the technology and architecture truly help with pain points.”

Quick tip:

  • Partnerships are one of the fastest growing segments of Jitterbit’s business. If partnerships are part of your business model or you’re thinking about it, you can use Dreamforce to review technical and business requirements face to face with experts.


Name: Sarah Jardin

Title: Sr. Client Account Manager

Year attending Dreamforce: 9

Best advice: “Host a company-wide debrief meeting, post Dreamforce, to share ideas and follow-up action items.”

Quick tips:

  • Confirm meetings ahead of time with a detailed invite that includes a specific agenda, exact location and cell numbers. Be respectful of competing priorities and invite only those who will add the most value and be clear with expectations of their role ahead of time.
  • Choose social events strategically. Attend parties that will most benefit the business and you professionally.


Name: Wesley Baker

Title: Sales Development Manager

Years attending Dreamforce: 3

Best advice:Have a clear purpose and know the major three to five places you want to go a week in advance. If you’re trying to hit a sales number, go to the right events. If you want to expand your business, spend time at sessions specific to your industry. If you’re a developer, visit the Developer Forest. If you need Salesforce consulting, there’s a whole area for systems integrators. If you just want to hear the thought leaders, hit all the keynotes.

Quick tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes; there have been horror stories.
  • Stay hydrated, eat breakfast and take breaks. I’ve seen people pass out from exhaustion and dehydration.
  • You never know who you’ll meet and the best conversations are often those held outside the expo hall.

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