Apttus Integration – Accelerate your Quote-to-Cash process

Apttus Integration – Accelerate your Quote-to-Cash process

To promote our new Apttus integration offering, we sponsored the Apttus Accelerate 2013 customer conference at the Clift hotel in San Francisco last week.  Our good friends at Apttus put on a great event!   The show gave customers and prospects a lot of superb content to help their businesses accelerate the Quote to Cash process through interactive sessions featuring new business technologies and processes.

Attended by decision makers in positions from sales to legal operations, the event brought unique insights and solutions to dramatically impact the bottom line. Speakers included some of the top names in the industry with executives from companies like salesforce.com, Accenture and NASA, including Olympic Gold Medalist Johnny Moseley and Apttus Chairman and CEO Kirk Krappe.

Our CEO, George Gallegos, hosted a session on integrating CPQ processes with your back office.   In the session, George discussed the benefits of connecting Apttus with your ERP system as well as best practices around integrating and automating the Quote to Cash process.   Better yet, a member of the Apttus team joined George on stage and showed a live Apttus to SAP demo using Jitterbit.

This session on integration was one of the most attended of the show.  That makes sense since Apttus has suggested that upwards of 80% of their customers ask about integration during their first call.

At our booth we heard from hundreds of Apttus customers all intent on connecting their back office.   For this audience, SAP and Oracle EBS were the two most common ERP apps we heard about — which is great, since we have built-in connectors for both in Jitterbit!  Apttus employees also stopped by, and what we heard from them was that integration is one of the top questions in any deal they do — and they were excited to hear about our new partnership and the ways in which Jitterbit would help take integration concerns off the table.

Perhaps most interesting was the fact that many of the customers were large Fortune 500 companies that already had investments in ESB and legacy integration platforms such as Tibco, but were hungry for integration that wouldn’t take 12+ months to implement and require a team of developers.   As you can imagine, we made new friends when we mentioned that Jitterbit’s average deployment time is 10 days,  is completed by one person, and can connect and complement existing service bus deployments.

Overall, it was a great event and we want to thank Apttus for including us.  We’d also like to give a quick shout-out our great partner, ForeFront,  for being a great booth neighbor and helping us build our Apttus to SAP demo!

For more information about Jitterbit and Apttus integration, please give us a call!

Hope to see you at Apttus Accelerate next year!