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5 New Features in Jitterbit’s Vinyl

5 New Features in Jitterbit's Low-Code App Platform

By Chris Justus, Senior Manager, Development

How we’re making low-code app building even more intuitive.

Jitterbit recently brought its low-code application development platform, Vinyl, to the next level with a broad range of new features and enhancements. The updates focus on three main categories that our customers say are the most important: usability, reliability, and learning.

Vinyl makes it easy for both IT and non-IT trained individuals to build scalable, end-to-end apps; and its integration with our iPaaS solution means these apps can be easily integrated with new and existing systems. Together, large enterprises can solve complex business problems at scale by empowering anyone to create intuitive, fully integrated applications.

Read on to discover how our modern features and capabilities can benefit your automation journey:

  1. Understand the impact of features and modifications by previewing final apps in real-time

    With an interactive environment, it’s easy to modify pages within the app on the fly. By viewing changes on the live application page at the same time you’re making them within the user interface, you can accelerate development and deployment. To further facilitate this, we added a new design center that appears automatically for users who need to add tables, pages, and rules to their apps.


    Vinyl Live Designer

  2. Accelerate the time it takes to make changes to applications by automating tasks together

    New wizards accelerate and simplify the process of creating and adding elements. They streamline the creation of new applications, tables, and pages by enabling users to more easily add and drop panels to design process flows, modify the behaviors of buttons on design toolbars, and create customizations.


    Vinyl Intelligent Wizards

  3. Facilitate user activity by pre-populating fields based on previous activities

    Prepopulated column templates accelerate the application development process by automatically suggesting how data fields and templates should look based on user behavior. The fields learn from previous activity, and based on these learnings, adjust to promote a consistent experience throughout the entire application.


    Vinyl Prepopulated Tables

  4. Speed up the validation process for security providers

    To maintain the highest standards, we made updates focused on enhancing log data and accelerating data exporting, importing, and validation. Security providers can now be validated from within the platform directly, automatically imported and exported, and cut and pasted between environments to help protect your entire ecosystem. These new features provide increased exposure to security settings and speed up the validation process.


    Vinyl Security Features

  5. Benefit from parity for linux and Windows hosted instances

    With expanded reporting capabilities, connectivity to SAP and DB2, and enhanced third-party plug-ins, users can choose their platform to run Vinyl on, as well as run on container-based platforms with parity to the IIS/Windows solution that Vinyl has always supported. It also has a new default cross-platform reporting engine and options for additional reporting using SAP Crystal Reports. Finally, the solution offers cross-platform database drivers (including SAP and DB2i).

    Vinyl also includes the following improvements: additional style options that are easier to access, support for OpenID, streamlined startup capabilities, bitwise operator support, new database and runtime functions, support for Jitterbit’s Marketplace, snowflake driver improvements, support for Microsoft Exchange connector, stacked area chart types, and JWT SOO security provider support.

Why build applications with Jitterbit?

Whether you’re an experienced IT professional or technology novice, our low-code application platform enables you to easily create apps to drive automation, enhance collaboration, and solve complex challenges. At Jitterbit, we’re on a constant quest to empower our customers with the innovative solutions they need to stay competitive and agile; these enhancements are just one of the ways we’re making application building even more intuitive.

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