How Systems Integrators across Europe are evolving in the Age of Hyperautomation

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EMEA Survey

Harnessing the power of disruption in the age of hyperautomation

The rapid digital transformation of businesses, the emergence of API marketplaces and low-code/no-code solutions, and the trend of hyperautomation have disrupted the world of systems integrators.

We commissioned a survey of 100 Senior Systems Integrator professionals across EMEA. The report includes actionable insights on how EMEA Systems Integrators can harness multi-factor disruption to their advantage – and ensure they remain at the heart of their customers’ digital transformation moving forward.

Survey Results

What our survey of EMEA System Integrators found

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Are Helping Customers Become Hyperautomated
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Say Hyperautomation Is A Priority For Their Customers In 2022
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Say Customers Now Value Hyperautomation Over Integration

More Than Just iPaaS

Jitterbit empowers businesses to optimize their connectivity and scalability through a single integration and workflow automaton platform. Our mission is to turn complexity into simplicity so your entire organization can work faster, more efficiently, and maybe just a bit happier.

Automate Processes

Connect Processes Across Your Business From End-to-End


Automate your lead to revenue processes

Connect your CRM to ERP systems.

Dev Note

Automate procure to pay processes

Connect your purchase order to logistics systems.


Automate your hire to retire processes

Connect your applicant tracking and performance management systems.


Automate the service request to closure processes

Connect your IT service management and delivery systems.

Our iPaaS Platform

Harmony Low-Code Integration Platform

Integrate systems, automate workflows, and create new applications all in a single low-code platform.


Workflow automation

Easily share data across systems so you never again have to re-enter data or pay for costly errors.

Seamless data integration

Give your entire workforce an instant single source of truth when they need to find or share information.

Integrated iPaaS

Connect your ecommerce systems, supply chains, and tech stacks so you never miss an opportunity.

Rock your workflow.

Effortlessly connect all your data sources to amp up productivity. Make your selection.

Rock your workflow.

Effortlessly connect all your data sources to amp up productivity. Make your selection.

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Why Jitterbit?

Why do the best choose Jitterbit?

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1 year

Average ROI in less than 1 year
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45 days

Average go-live in less than 45 days
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50% - 80%

Faster than custom-coded integrations
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Accelerate application development up to 10x faster
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Customer Story

Everything is connected with Jitterbit including our ecommerce selling channels, helping us to better manage inventory and sales. We are very happy with the outcome - it works perfectly - and we know we can always add solutions in the future which is great.

Romain Bénichou | CEO Red Luxury
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A survey of EMEA Systems Integrators

Harnessing The Power of Disruption in The Age of Hyperautomation.

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