Simplify and automate your EDI processes

Manage and add trading partners, meet compliance guidelines, and expand your market footprint with EDI integration.
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How we do it

Harmony EDI keeps you in sync with your trading partners

Accuracy and efficiency are at the heart of EDI transactions, so it's crucial that you and your partners stay connected. Jitterbit offers EDI integration solutions that provide comprehensive visibility and control of the entire EDI lifecycle, ensuring transparent and automated communications with your trading partners. Experience the harmony of seamless collaboration.

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With Jitterbit’s cloud-based EDI solutions you get:

  • Access to more than 1,000 trading partners and 4,000 maps, such as Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, and more
  • Full EDI transaction lifecycle and workflow and document management, including 810, 850, 856, 855, and more
  • Configurable AS2 and FTP connections per trading partner
  • Manage, test, and configure trading partners from a single platform
  • Full visibility of EDI transactions and data within a single user interface
  • Complete EDI service and support from testing to creating full integrations

Make EDI data exchange seamless through automation

Jitterbit's EDI solutions provide you with visibility of EDI transactions and streamlined, standardized communications with suppliers and retailers, as well as a single source of truth of EDI documents and data.


Fast, Faultless Transactions

Eliminate manual order processing and automate document management to avoid delays and errors.


Eye-catching Experiences

Automated EDI data transfers provide timely order and inventory confirmations to retailers, and real-time product and shipping information to customers.


Accuracy and Compliance

Eliminate process silos, adhere to retailer and partner regulations and protocols, and ensure critical data is sent accurately and on time with EDI integration automation.


Clarity and Visibility

EDI integration lets you see where transactions are in the process and whether documents have been successfully sent or received, so you can better manage handling times.

What You Get

EDI Made Simple – Onboard Partners, Manage Transactions, and Automate Workflows

EDI Capabilities Chart

Full visibility and access to EDI trading partners, documents, and transactions.

  • Access over 1000 trading partners and 4000 maps
  • Integrate directly into the existing Harmony infrastructure
  • Set up, test, and monitor EDI trading partners and transactions
  • Facilitate the entire EDI transaction lifecycle including: Acknowledgments, Status, Reprocessing, Related Documents
  • Self-manage and configure trading partners across multiple environments
  • Support communication protocols, including AS2, FTP, SFTP
  • Support all documents for ANSI X12, EDIFACT, and XCBL standards including VICS for retailers

Automate and Optimize EDI

Synchronize purchase order data from retailers to your ERP.

Create and send an EDI 855 back to the retailer once an order is placed.

Integrate shipping data and solutions to automatically send an EDI 856 to the customer.

Automatically generate an EDI 810 from your ERP and send it to the customer.

Excellence that exceeds expectations