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Choosing the right integration provider is the key to your success.

Compare Jitterbit with MuleSoft

We at Jitterbit are laser-focused on helping our customers integrate their apps quickly and achieve positive business outcomes. We help you connect your apps quickly to deliver rapid ROI.

Top Reasons Companies Choose Jitterbit Over MuleSoft:

  • Lower TCO - Connect your apps with a low-code integration platform without the need to invest in expensive developers.
  • Rapid Time to Value - On average, our customers report a positive ROI in less than 12 months versus 16 months for MuleSoft.
  • Ease of Use - Self-Service integration capability for Citizen Integrators makes Jitterbit incredibly easy to learn and adopt. No steep learning curve.
  • Data Integration Capabilities - Jitterbit outranks MuleSoft in these use-cases per the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise iPaaS for 2 years in a row.
  • Best-In-Class Support - Our team of Jitterbit technologists go above and beyond for our customers. This customer-centric approach shows through with our average go-live time of 45 days and top-of-the-line service and support.
  • Transparent Pricing; No Hidden Costs - We have a transparent pricing policy and offer pay-as-you-use options that our customers appreciate, unlike MuleSoft’s ambiguous and expensive ‘cores’.

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Recognized for Global Leadership and Performance

  • Best ROI Enterprise Spring 2023
  • Best Results Enterprise Spring 2023
  • Leader Spring 2023
  • Enterprise Leader Spring 2023
  • Mid-Market Leader Spring 2023
  • Momentum Leader Spring 2023
  • Enterprise High Performer Spring 2023
  • Small Business High Performer Spring 2023
  • Highest User Adoption Spring 2023
  • Most Implementable Spring 2023
  • Leader Europe Spring 2023
  • United Kingdom Leader Spring 2023
  • Leader Asia-Pacific Spring 2023
  • High Performer Asia Spring 2023
  • Europe Mid-Market Leader Spring 2023
  • Asia-Pacific Mid-Market Leader Spring 2023