How to Enhance the Customer Experience with ServiceNow

How to Enhance the Customer Experience with ServiceNow Graphic

Employee and customer experiences are key to business success. The integration and API tools used play a fundamental role in driving these experiences.

Join Jitterbit’s webinar to learn technology tips and strategies to create the optimal employee and customer experience with ServiceNow through cloud integration. Our live demo will showcase how quickly and easily it can be done, using Jitterbit’s API Integration Platform to:

  • Provide tailored employee and customer experiences by automating popular applications like NetSuite and Jira
  • Create new revenue-generating solutions faster, with fewer resources
  • Use APIs to quickly bring disruptive new ideas to market
  • Utilize AI such as real-time language translation and sentiment analysis to drive the customer experience
  • Enable IT to focus more on higher value initiatives and leverage technology for the plumbing
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