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Automate Employee Expenses

Empower Your IT Teams, HR Managers and others to simplify traditionally burdensome HR activities.

HR Management

Accelerate Expense Management

Today’s workforce expects an accelerated expense management process with a simple and straightforward workflow. Jitterbit helps connect and automate expense management, resulting in faster reimbursement which helps increase productivity and morale.

With full device compatibility, your workforce can effortlessly link together data from key systems to submit expenses from anywhere and at any time, while enjoying a user-friendly and customizable interface that is tailored to your specific business needs.

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Bring speed and accuracy to your expense management process for increased employee morale and productivity.

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Build a 360 View of Expenses

Eliminate Data silos and create a complete view of employee expense data


Personalize Experiences

Make smarter, real-time expense management decisions and accelerate reimbursements


Customize your Apps

Make personalized changes to apps with without coding experience

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Establish Multi-Level Approvals

Allows your company’s finance team to set up a multi-level approval process, ensuring that all expenses are approved by the appropriate individuals

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Real-Time Management

Provide real-time tracking of all expenses, giving finance teams the ability to view and manage expenses as they occur

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Integrate With Your Systems

Integrate expense management processes with your existing financial infrastructure, making it easy to reconcile expenses with the general ledger

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