Jitterbit Releases Healthcare Interoperability Platform and Solutions Designed to Improve Patient Care

Jitterbit Releases Healthcare Interoperability Platform and Solutions Designed to Improve Patient Care

Healthcare Interoperability Platform Empowers Medical Device Manufacturers, Healthcare Providers and Electronic Medical Record Vendors to Quickly and Easily Exchange Clinical Data

 Alameda, Calif., Jan. 26, 2016 — Jitterbit, the leading vendor of cloud integration solutions, today announced the launch of the Jitterbit Healthcare Interoperability Platform and set of solutions enabling medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers, application developers and electronic medical record (EMR) vendors to automate and streamline operations with a dedicated healthcare data model and interoperability standards that enable the secure exchange of rich clinical data with minimal IT investment.

New regulations require healthcare providers to shift from a fee-for-service to a fee-for-quality model, and to improve the patient experience with easy access to electronic medical records. To meet new regulatory requirements and provide a better patient experience, healthcare providers must have interoperability between medical devices, EMR systems and other healthcare applications. The Jitterbit Healthcare Interoperability Platform accelerates progress toward these industry goals with solutions that provide secure and repeatable interoperability between data, apps and devices.

The platform includes a set of solutions that simplify the process of accessing, mapping and exchanging clinical data between specific applications and devices:

  • Interoperability for Connected Medical Devices Connect various network-enabled medical devices to any major EMR, securely deliver accurate patient data to the device and send device data, such as ultrasound or CAT scan images, back to the EMR. Connected medical devices keep patient records accurate, current and complete while eliminating manual data entry. Interoperability also amplifies the value of medical devices by connecting them with patient data, offering remote monitoring of EMR connections and delivering usage statistics.
  • Connected Clinical Workflows – Automate clinical procedure workflows by populating procedure checklists with relevant patient data, including demographics, test results and diagnostics; highlight any contraindications or missing data; and assign all necessary preparation and follow-up tasks to clinicians involved in the procedure. Checklists can be accessed and managed anywhere, from any device, to guide effective care.
  • Patient Interaction Platform – Make meaningful use a reality by populating an intuitive patient interface with rich clinical data. Designed to make it convenient and secure for patients to engage with providers from outside the hospital, the platform allows patients to make appointments, view lab results, fill prescriptions and more.
  • Healthcare Application Interoperability – Accelerate the time to value for healthcare applications by building in interoperability with EMR systems from the start.

All solutions are backed up by a powerful set of tools designed to help device manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients get the most out of rich clinical data:

  • Jitterbit Master Healthcare Data Model Leverages a canonical model that maps and transforms medical data, including patient demographics, into an industry standard format that can be easily reused and represented to other systems and is compatible with SNOMED, HEDIS and STAR metric standards.
  • Jitterbit Healthcare APIs – Provides real-time access to the Master Healthcare Data Model for providers and their trading partners and support for standard, proprietary and evolving API protocols like FHIR.
  • EMR Interoperability – Includes built-in interoperability with popular EHR and PMS software.
  • HIPAA Compliance – Keeps protected health information (PHI) completely secure and accessible only to properly credentialed users through a HIPAA-compliant platform.

“The healthcare industry is changing rapidly and 2016 will be the year that providers and payers make real progress toward fee-for-quality,” said Jitterbit CTO Ilan Sehayek. “Our vision is for healthcare industry players to have easy access to the rich clinical data that will make a measurable difference in patient care and outcomes, delivered in the format that makes sense for the device or procedure at hand.”

Jitterbit has already connected, mapped and coded data for members of CancerLinQ LLC, the largest national database of cancer information and a wholly owned nonprofit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). With the data made available by the Jitterbit Healthcare Interoperability Platform, CancerLinQ is moving toward the goals of understanding treatment effectiveness and improving cancer care.

The Jitterbit Healthcare Interoperability Platform is now available to all healthcare application, device and service providers. To discuss requirements and get a hands-on architecture assessment, contact healthcare@jitterbit.com.

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