Jitterbit Harmony Fall ’15 Now Available, Delivering Improved Cloud Integration Performance, Security and Time-to-Deployment

Jitterbit Harmony Fall ’15 Now Available, Delivering Improved Cloud Integration Performance, Security and Time-to-Deployment

Industry’s Fastest Cloud Integration Platform Gets New Features for Broader Connectivity and Expands ISV Partner Hub


Alameda, Calif., Nov. 17, 2015 — Jitterbit, the leading provider of fast, agile integration solutions for the modern enterprise, today announced the release of Harmony Fall ’15, the biggest update of the year of its unified cloud integration platform. As the industry’s only integration solution that makes design, deployment and management available on a single platform, Harmony Fall ’15 includes over 500 new enhancements, including smarter runtime agents and new bulk insert, that improve its performance, scale and security. The next-generation platform also offers new pre-configured integration solutions for faster time-to-deployment, along with updates that help software partners deliver connectivity between their solutions and their customers’ apps and endpoints.

“Harmony Fall ’15 delivers the fastest and easiest to use cloud integration platform for organizations that need to connect their business data, apps and devices without relying on teams of developers and custom code,” said Jitterbit Vice President of Marketing and Alliances Andrew Leigh. “The latest release also helps software and services providers to quickly offer reusable connectivity solutions for their own customers, amplifying the value of their offerings and creating a competitive advantage in the market.”

New Platform Offers Faster, More Secure Integration and API Design and Management

The Jitterbit Harmony platform makes all aspects of integration and API design, deployment and management available on a single platform. The Fall ’15 release improves the platform’s performance, scale and security with new enhancements such as bulk insert, which moves information into databases up to 18 times faster, and smarter Harmony agents that can elastically adapt to increased volume and processing requirements with reliable communication to the Harmony cloud. Other major enhancements include the new Jitterbit Studio 64-bit, Large Salesforce Org Support, and support for TLS versions 1.1 and 1.2 for enhanced security.

Harmony Fall ’15 also makes it easier for non-technical users to give any endpoint its own API in minutes, with new features and enhancements for Harmony Live! that empower organizations to quickly create real-time connectivity between their internal and external apps and securely expose data and business processes as a service to their customers and partners. These include enhanced API Management, which now provides full logging and audit trails to allow organizations easily manage access, rate limits, security and more from a single interface, an updated OData API that adds complete Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) functionality and new support for CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) to securely expose real-time data streams from any data source to any website or web-based app.

Broader Connectivity and Faster Time-to-Deployment

The new Harmony Fall ’15 platform offers users a broader range of connectivity options that can be quickly deployed through Jitterbit’s point-and-click user interface, including the new Oracle Siebel Connector, native Java Message Service (JMS) support, and updates to Harmony’s industry-leading Salesforce Connectors. Organizations can also leverage new pre-configured integration solutions to speed time-to-deployment and eliminate the need for custom code with out-of-the-box solutions for popular enterprise apps common business processes and industry verticals, such as CloudReplicate for Salesforce and the latest release of NetSuite to Salesforce.

Partner Hub Enables ISVs to Deliver Connectivity Directly to Customers

Building on Jitterbit’s work with dozens of independent software vendors (ISVs), Harmony Fall ’15 includes updates that help cloud software and service providers deliver immediate connectivity between their solutions and their customers’ apps and endpoints. The next-generation platform gives partners complete control of their customers’ cloud and on-premise agents, allowing them to easily install, manage, and update Harmony’s lightweight runtime engines on behalf of their customers. In addition, new tools and access controls make it easy for partners to test new features, connectors, and functionality internally before deploying them into their customers’ production environments.

All current Jitterbit Harmony customers will benefit from the new release with a seamless upgrade to Harmony Fall ’15. Customers using local secure agents and the Jitterbit Studio are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of the new functionality.

For more information about pricing, please visit www.jitterbit.com/pricing. You can also start a free 30-day trial at www.jitterbit.com/try 

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