November 2021

Welcome to the new edition of the Jitterbit Newsletter. We hope that you and your family are staying healthy and safe during these times.

In this issue: New and enhanced pre-built integration solutions, Jitterbit expansion updates, upcoming virtual events and an opportunity to purchase an integration process template with free installation. Read on to get all of the details.

What’s New

Cloud Studio

The Cloud Studio team has been busy making productivity improvements to all areas of the designer. General UI efficiency has been our focus and there have been many changes, here are some of the highlights:

Design Canvas Editing

  • Enhanced UI selection for more project editing options.
  • Copy/paste for faster editing.
  • Undo/redo for backtracking through changes.

We hope these improvements increase your productivity but we’re not done. Look for continuing improvements to these capabilities in the coming release.

Transformation Preview

  • Support for preview across all connectivity.
  • Auto-generation of mock preview data when previewing file based source data.

Cloud Studio Connectors


  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics connector: allows users to load data from their desired source systems for further analysis.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud connector: provides support for query, insert, update, upsert and delete as well as bulk support.
  • LDAP connector: allows users to search for, add, modify or delete entries on a LDAP directory server
  • EDI for Cloud connector: provides the ability for users to get, send or get the stats of EDI documents using eBridge eiCloud.
  • JMS connector: supports get, send and acknowledge of JMS messages using ActiveMQ.
  • OData connector: supports the query, update, insert and delete activities using OData v4.0 and supports basic authorization, OAuth 2.0 or no authorization.
  • Amazon SQS connector: supports get, send and delete of Amazon SQS messages as well as the ability to create a queue.
  • Elasticsearch connector: provides the ability to search, get and create documents as well as get create, delete, open or close an index.


  • Jira: You can now specify a project name within the Create activity.
  • Amazon Redshift and Snowflake: The query activity now displays the data type for each available field.
  • Snowflake: The Merge and Update activities are now available.
  • ServiceNow: Query activity has been enhanced to include a query builder
  • Email: Added a Read activity and support for IMAP connections.
  • RabbitMQ: Added support for AMQP
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Updated to use Organization Service URLs as well as connecting as an application user.
  • The Microsoft Teams connector now supports HTML messages in the Send activity.

Continue on error available with these connector activities. When selected, the activity will continue to run even if it encounters errors.


The marketplace is continuously expanding to include new partners and solutions so be sure to check back often at We profile more than 30 Jitterbit certified partners who offer services from consulting, to managed services and project delivery across a variety of applications and industries as well as our integration recipes and process templates.


API360 – Pre-built Integrations Speed Business Processes

Jitterbit’s pre-built integration solutions help you accelerate business outcomes. These packaged Process Templates provide integrations for common use cases and are easy to use and quick to deploy. Automate key business processes up to 80% faster than building integrations from scratch.

Check out the links below to learn more about some of our pre-built solutions:

Jitterbit 2021 HR Integration eBook

HR Integration Survey Human resource management has changed dramatically in the last five years. The practice of promising a superior employee experience to candidates, yet failing to deliver, has given way to an empowered and demanding workforce that expects a fulfilling professional experience, both financially and emotionally. To understand these trends better, Jitterbit surveyed professionals across multiple industries focused on HR to uncover organizational pain points. The survey specifically investigated organizations’ state of technology solutions, whether they are new or old, siloed or patched together. Read the eBook to learn all of our findings!

Company Updates

Jitterbit Acquires eBridge Connections, Leader in B2B, EDI, and eCommerce Integrations

In May 2021, Jitterbit acquired eBridge Connections. eBridge is a domain expert in B2B, cloud EDI, eCommerce and ERP integrations and has been for over 25 years.

  • eBridge provides a strong complement to Jitterbit’s award-winning Harmony API integration platform
  • The combined offerings will provide one of the industry’s most comprehensive sets of integration solutions around eCommerce integration and EDI integration on the market
  • We aim to help customers accelerate their digital transformations
  • And, reap massive time efficiencies.

Jitterbit and eBridge’s combined knowledge, endpoints and repeatable use cases enables our customers with further efficiencies and time-savings. Jitterbit will now be able to provide seamless integration with retail outlets that support new channels and technologies.

  1. Cloud EDI transactions including CommerceHub, Costco, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Kroger, Lowes and more, giving retailers, wholesalers and suppliers more avenues to grow their businesses.
  2. A greater number of ERPs such as Sage, QuickBooks, SAP Business One and more
  3. Endpoints from the FinTech space such as Stripe, Square
  4. Domain expertise in eCommerce (Shopify, Amazon, etc) and in the 3PL and Shipping space (ShipStation)

“Jitterbit’s acquisition of eBridge Connections demonstrates our continued commitment to provide the most advanced API integration platform on the market,” said George Gallegos, CEO of Jitterbit.

Read the full press release here. Want to learn more about eBridge? Reach out to your Customer Support Team Member.

Partner Spotlight

EXAH logo
Exah is a Salesforce Partner and Jitterbit Consulting Partner based in South Africa and servicing the EMEA & UK/I market. The team at Exah believes that every client has an opportunity to be renewed through idealised design, and every part of their methodology is built around facilitating this transformation. Learn more at

Events and Sessions

Salesforce Integration Webinar Series

Listen to our Salesforce Integration Webinar Series on demand. We share what organizations are doing to create a Customer 360, how businesses prioritize Salesforce integrations, and what tools are available to help achieve great customer experiences.

The Coffee Break Series covers:

  • The findings of the just-released “2021 State of Salesforce Integration Report”, including the latest Salesforce integration trends, challenges, and priorities for companies
  • How businesses are automating business processes, such as Quote-to-Cash, and achieving a 360-degree view of the customer by connecting disparate systems
  • Why pre-built integrations can help accelerate Salesforce integration projects up to 80% faster

Watch it now

Special SuiteWorld Promotion – It’s On Our Dime

Did we miss you at SuiteWorld in Vegas? At the event we announced a special “on our dime” promotion to accelerate your NetSuite integration projects. Purchase an integration process template, get free installation. We’ll help you integrate common NetSuite business processes by providing complimentary installation of any Jitterbit Process Template purchased for NetSuite. Learn more. But don’t wait, this offer ends soon.

Driving Customer Experiences in the API Economy On-demand Webinar

Want to learn more about API trends and how businesses are using APIs to build optimal customer experiences? Watch our on-demand webinar around Driving Customer Experiences in the API Economy.

Watch the session to learn about:

  • Popular API trends and usage
  • Understand when batch or real-time is most effective for different business processes
  • How companies are using APIs to drive their businesses

Watch it now

Stay Connected

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