May 2020

Welcome to the new edition of the Jitterbit Newsletter. We hope that you and your family are staying healthy and safe during these times. In case you missed it, here’s a message from our CEO on how Jitterbit Is helping our community during these times.

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What’s New

Cloud Studio Enhancements

In 2020, the Cloud Studio team has been focused on user-requested UI and usability enhancements that we have fielded from our users.  These enhancements have been implemented across many areas of our Cloud Studio designer to improve the overall integration design experience.  This includes UI performance improvements,  with the bulk of our work being behind the scenes, getting ready for the new features and enhancements that are planned for the rest of the year.  We’ll have more on those upcoming changes in future newsletters.

Cloud Studio Connectors

We continued to expand our offerings by adding new connectors and enhancing the functionality of existing connectors.  In recent months, we’ve added these new connectors for Cloud Studio:

  • RabbitMQ: Get, Post and Acknowledge messages to and from queues.
  • SAP Concur: Combine all your expense management data with your other SaaS platforms for a seamless integration experience.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: Integrate your on-premises Dynamics AX data with other business critical applications.

In addition, noteworthy connectivity enhancements include:

  • NetSuite: Added support for WSDL 2020.1.
  • Google Drive: Provided the ability to list files.
  • Snowflake: include support for all delimiters (e.g. pipe “|” character) supported by Snowflake.
  • Magento: 
    • Added support for bulk activities.
    • Introduced a Search Activity that includes filter parameters.
  • Salesforce and ServiceMax:  
    • Added support for Salesforce API version 48.
    • Provided the ability to use custom SOQL.
  • Epicor and Amazon Redshift: Provided an option to allow processing to continue upon encountering a record error.
  • ServiceNow:  Included the capability to query data in views just as you would in a table.

Cloud Studio Process Templates

We are happy to announce the release of several Process Templates for Cloud Studio. A process template is a group of pre-built integration use cases that accelerates the execution of a specific business process using numerous objects across multiple applications or systems. It is designed to reduce time to deploy by 50-80% and can be self-implemented, delivered by Jitterbit Professional Services or by an implementation partner.

The following process templates are now available:

Contact your Customer Success Manager or your Partner Account Manager for more details.

Cloud Studio Integration Recipes

Cloud Studio Integration Recipes are free, pre-built integration projects that facilitate moving data in a single direction between like-objects across two applications or systems.  They are designed to get you up and running with simple integration use cases and are a great tool for new users to experience real-world projects.  We offer versions that allow for ongoing synchronization of the data as well as for data migrations.  We currently offer over 100 recipes to meet the needs of many popular integration scenarios and are continuously adding more.

API Manager New Features and Enhancements

  • Proxy API URL path parameters are now supported
    URL path parameters contained in imported OpenAPI documents now function with proxy APIs. For those using a Private API Gateway, gateway version 10.10 or higher is required to support this feature.
  • API Gateway now supports data compression via the Accept-Encoding header
    You can now pass a header to enable data compression for improved performance with large requests. Added support for the key-based authentication in API Manager.

Training Updates

We recently added our tenth online training offering on Jitterbit University: Introduction to Scripting in Cloud Studio. This class addresses the fundamentals of leveraging scripting within Jitterbit’s new fully cloud-based Cloud Studio design environment. As always, all of our Jitterbit University courses can be accessed by logging into the Jitterbit University at

Also, Jitterbit University recently hosted another live Tech Talk: the March 2020 installment of Jitterbit Best Practices. In this Tech Talk, our Jitterbit experts discussed integration best practices when collaborating with colleagues, with some practical tips on designing, testing, deploying, managing, and migrating projects across multiple environments. 

Between Jitterbit University and the past Tech Talk library on Success Central, we now host over 45 hours of online learning addressing a wide range of “how to” topics and best practices from Jitterbit’s expert practitioners. Interested in hearing from us on a particular topic? Reach out to your CSM on the topic(s) you would like us to cover and we will make sure to address them in our upcoming tech talk.

Featured Customer Story of the Month

Haymarket Media Group

Although many organizations struggle with keeping up with the fast-paced digital world, Haymarket Media Group has kept up and continued to serve their customers by connecting their apps using Jitterbit Harmony. By moving data from their old proprietary system into Salesforce, Haymarket Media Group is now able to bring together data, apps, and devices with no coding. With information automatically being pushed across apps, sales, marketing, and operations can all rely on the same 360-degree view of the customer.

Read the Full Story Here

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