Accelerate ASC 606 Compliance Through Integration

ASC 606 / IFRS 15 significantly changes how companies will perform revenue recognition. This new revenue recognition standard greatly impacts all subscription-based companies, companies seeking additional funding, planning an acquisition, or hoping to go public. The non-compliance penalties are stiff.

Jitterbit makes it simple for companies to achieve ASC 606/ IFRS 15 compliance quickly and easily by automating a variety of critical business processes. With Jitterbit’s API Integration platform, you can automate various tasks such as moving data on goods sold or services performed to your ERP backend, calculate commission for your sales reps, review of historical financial reporting for restating revenue, etc.

Leverage Integration to Gain ASC 606 / IFRS 15 Compliance

Identifying Opportunities for Growth While Remaining Compliant with ASC 606

Learn How ForgeRock Gained Compliance Quickly

Learn how ForgeRock, a Digital Identity and Access Management Company, leverages the Jitterbit Harmony API Integration solution to automate their business workflows and gain ASC 606 compliance.

Webinar: How to Comply With ASC 606 Using Jitterbit

Find out how connecting your finance and accounting data, and automating your data flow across systems can help you revenue and valuation dynamically and maintain operational efficiency while working towards compliance.