TCI Accelerates Learning with Salesforce-to-NetSuite Integration for Automated Order Processing

TCI provides online and print materials that help improve education by making it more interactive. Teachers and students can purchase individual items or subscribe to the complete TCI curriculum, which includes interactive notebooks, tutorials, and online assessments designed to increase student engagement in the classroom. Used by dozens of school districts in more than 30 states, TCI is a dynamic component of many students’ learning experiences.

To make sure that its materials are delivered on time and accurately, TCI uses Salesforce, NetSuite, and a custom Postgres web application to enter, manage, and process customer and order information. Before adopting an integration solution, TCI staff members were handling orders using a slow, manual process. Someone had to download a CSV file from Salesforce and upload it to NetSuite, then repeat the process again to transfer data between NetSuite and the subscription website, When no one was in the office orders didn’t get processed, so teachers and students didn’t receive their materials in a timely manner.

TCI knew there had to be a better way to manage orders, so the company started searching for an integration solution that could easily connect apps and automate processes. TCI selected a few integration applications to evaluate. Unfortunately, during the evaluation process, TCI had some questions that went unanswered. Some vendors’ sales and support teams not only failed to offer proactive solutions to problems that TCI encountered, but even went totally dark and stopped responding to inquiries altogether. Jitterbit was the only integration vendor whose responsiveness during the evaluation phase gave TCI the confidence to move forward.

“At my company, I’m the only person responsible for Jitterbit, but it feels like I’m part of a team.”

– Bernard Mesa, Middleware Engineer at TCI 

After choosing Jitterbit, TCI was able to get up and running with Jitterbit in just one week, connecting Salesforce, NetSuite, and its subscription website and completely automating the order approval process. With Jitterbit integration in place, more than 70 percent of TCI orders are handled automatically, and manual intervention is required in only a few cases, such as when orders are faxed in. Now, teachers and students can make orders anytime and get the materials they need right away, and TCI staff no longer have to spend their time manually transferring data between systems. They can focus on more important tasks that are directly connected to the company’s core mission of improving education.

With Jitterbit’s Salesforce-to-Netsuite integration connected to its subscription website, TCI has graduated from basic integration and is moving on to advanced studies. The company will continue to connect more apps and automate more processes, freeing up time for everyone to stay focused on doing what really matters: helping kids learn.

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TCI is a K-12 publishing company created by teachers, for teachers, that provides online and print materials that drive interactive learning.




Salesforce, NetSuite, Custom Postgres app


No integration system


  • Moving data between systems was slow and difficult
  • The need for manual approval meant that orders didn’t get processed quickly
  • Other integration providers weren’t responsive to needs


  • One person implemented Jitterbit in a week
  • 70% of orders are now handled automatically with NetSuite integration
  • Responsive support keeps integrations up and running


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