Digital Transformation Helped Matouk Achieve Its Best Fiscal Results Ever

Digital transformation may be a hard-to-define goal for some, but for Matouk, it’s a reality. The 88-year-old luxury linen manufacturer knew that to differentiate their product, customization and personalization was imperative—and to accomplish this, their entire infrastructure had to move to the cloud. Connected cloud apps give them the flexibility, visibility and scale that they need to beat the competition.



“When we went live in January 2017, every single part of our business was touched. There were new processes and the scope of the change had a big impact,” Stuart Kiely, VP of Digital at Matouk said. “But it all went really smoothly. In fact, in March, we had our best month ever.”

Digital transformation doesn’t mean getting rid of every system and starting over. With an API integration platform, like Jitterbit, companies can increase the value of existing investments by integrating the apps and systems that work, while getting the flexibility to make changes as needed because connections are at the API level, not tightly-coupled, hard-coded systems.

“Previously, we had a piecemeal manufacturing system tied with an ERP system, but this didn’t give us the visibility and flexibility to leverage the manufacturing power we have as an asset,” Kiely said.

Matouk struggled with creating a single view of their products and customers. As Kiely noted, “How do you get all the information into one place where it can be side-by-side with customer data?”

The answer: integration.

Centralized View of Data

Traditionally, data was siloed; manufacturing data was in an MRP system, financial data in an ERP, customer data in a CRM, etc. “We made a huge leap to put everything in the cloud,” Kiely said. “Now, Salesforce is our primary system of record for inventory, sales order processing, manufacturing and purchases. All of this integrates through Jitterbit to the website with our EDI trading partner and to our on-premise accounting system.”

Through this digital transformation, Matouk was also able to create a mobile app, which integrates right to the cloud from iPads distributed on the manufacturing floor.


Matouk EDI integration Salesforce Integration Magento Integration


“Now, employees can log into a single console to manage the data flow between systems in a very seamless, easy, redundant way,” Kiely said. “With Jitterbit, this is out of the hands of coders and developers and put into hands of business users.”

Greater Efficiency

At Matouk, hundreds of online orders from consumers and trade customers are placed in Magento on a weekly basis and must be integrated into Salesforce. Thousands of financial transactions are generated every day that need to be in Microsoft Great Plains immediately. All invoicing from a receivables and purchasing standpoint must be integrated with all the financials in Great Plains.

With integration projects implemented by Mountain Point using Jitterbit, Matouk can now harness the power of this data. “Before, we had little to no visibility into how our products were moving through the system, but now we have a planning engine coupled with a mobile app that gives us real-time visibility into how products are flowing across the manufacturing floor,” Kiely said.

“This [integration] enables all departments to react to the data immediately, driving efficiencies in all corners of the business. What used to be a four-week cycle time to create a custom product was shrunk to two weeks—after just five months.”
– Stuart Kiely, VP of Digital at Matouk

Better Customer Service

While mobility, efficiency and shorter cycles are great benefits, Matouk is particularly proud of building a better, more personalized customer experience. When a customer calls into the customer service team, a screen pops with standard Service Cloud information as well as lots of other information, such as order and invoice status, about that customer. Kiely explained, “This is happening in a native platform, not pulling from the ERP. The sales orders are live on the platform, the invoices are live on the platform and the movement of the work order that the customer is calling about is live on the platform. We can now tell them, ‘Oh, that’s shipping tomorrow.’ The power of that data has tremendous value to how we service and market to a customer.”

As Matouk’s Customer Service Manager, Tracey Johnson, elaborated, “The ability to look at a complete snapshot of an order and see from one spot what shipped, along with what’s in WIP and what’s on order with delivery dates in the same screen is invaluable. The amount of time we’re saving not having to toggle between screens is awesome. While we anticipated a slowdown in the process at the start of the cutover, it’s not really happening; We’re able to give information so much more quickly.”

Next, Matouk plans to build out more of their Service Cloud and create a partner community for customers and reps.

“We’ve really just scratched the surface of everything we can do,” Kiely said.




Matouk is a third-generation, family-owned luxury bedding and bath textile manufacturer based in Fall River, Massachusetts. Most manufacturing is done under one roof with over 100+ employees.




  • Microsoft Great Plains with Salesforce
  • Magento ecommerce with Salesforce
  • EDI integration with Salesforce
  • Rootstock


  • Ability to offer customized and personalized services to new and existing customers.
  • Quantity and labor booking for work orders.
  • Inventory management.
  • Need for custom search consoles for sales orders and products.
  • Custom VisualForce and Conga documents.
  • Over 40,000 standard and configurable products and all manufacturing data needed to be on the platform.


  • The nearly-century-old company achieving its best month ever, three months after implementation.
  • Reduction in four-week cycle time to create a custom product to just two weeks.
  • All Mountain Point-enabled integrations are on specified schedules—as often as 10 minutes and in some cases near real-time—and running efficiently.
  • Mobile application dramatically assists Matouk in effectively progressing manufacturing processes and quickly manipulating inventory.
  • The custom search consoles have given Matouk valuable insight into Rootstock’s platform that would otherwise be an extremely cumbersome process.

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