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Berner Group

Berner Scales Real Time Sales Success

Berner Group creates specialty chemicals and sells them to the automotive and construction industries. To succeed in the field, all members of Berner’s large sales team need instant access to detailed information about products and customers.

Berner has about 5000 sales team members, each making at least 15 customer contacts every day, creating a minimum of 75,000 customer contacts that need to be reported in Salesforce daily. That’s just part of what has made Berner the largest Salesforce customer in Europe, with more than 5000 users.

But as a trading company, the company also makes extensive use of SAP for product and financial information. With some information stored in SAP and some in Salesforce, Berner needed an integration solution that could bring all the crucial details together in one place and enable successful sales.

As a large company, Berner also had strict security requirements, and wanted to host its integration solution on premise, but also be able to make modifications in the cloud from anywhere. The company needed a flexible technology solution that could deal with its complex internal network environment. Berner also wanted a solution that could connect to SAP fast.

After an in-depth proof of concept process in which Jitterbit showed its ability to connect SAP and Salesforce quickly, as well as fit in the network environment and make it easy to manage integrations in the cloud, Berner selected Jitterbit as its integration solution.

“Compared to the past we now have a completely different way of doing business. If we have a new request on the table, we’re able to manage that faster. We’re more flexible and due to the real-time integration between SAP and Salesforce we have data directly available.”

– Matthias Rathgeb, Technical Manager at Berner Group

Jitterbit has helped Berner Group build a completely automated system to get information from SAP to Salesforce and back again. Now, salespeople are completely empowered with all of the information they need, no matter where it originated or is stored. The company also has a completely new approach to handling business – one that’s much faster and more responsive to requests.

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Two core competencies are at the heart of the Berner Group of companies: multi-channel sales of our high-quality products and services to professionals in the construction, automotive and industrial sectors as well as the development, manufacture and marketing of specialist technical chemicals. 9000 employees ensure that customers in more than 25 countries benefit from their partnership with the Berner Group.


SAP, Salesforce


  • 75,000 customer contacts daily
  • 8000 total IT users and 5000 Salesforce users
  • Lack of connection between Salesforce and SAP hindered sales efforts


  • Real-time integration between SAP and Salesforce for thousands of records and users
  • Jitterbit agents store data on site for security, but can be managed in the cloud
  • Able to deal with new client requests faster
  • Greater flexibility and speed of doing business thanks to data availability

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