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Leading social organization transforms with innovative web portal and CRM integration.

Ashoka runs a global community-based website that tracks the traits and profiles of the thousands of social entrepreneurs who enter its online competitions. The key to their business is the ability to manage over 130,000 user contacts and to match them up with the appropriate foundations and non-profit organizations. To do so they need to synchronize user data with millions of records in their Salesforce CRM system.  In the past, manual entry and data duplication had created more problems than it solved and caused many of their thousands of opportunities to slip through the cracks.

Using Jitterbit, Ashoka has fully automated the movement of their data from the public facing website to their internal facing  Salesforce CRM. New users and updates to existing profiles are continually synchronized, giving the organization a  birds-eye view on their global network and allowing them to report updated information to donors.  Jitterbit is now critical to the success of Ashoka’s business.


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Drupal, Salesforce


  • Replace manual data entry and duplication with an automated synchronization
  • Automatically populate Salesforce CRM with new users created through the Drupal CMS website
  • Automatically update Salesforce as users change their profiles and perform actions on the website


  • Manual data entry replaced with automated synchronization
  • Over 100,000 user profiles continuously updated
  • Data “slipping through the cracks” completely eliminated
  • New competitive advantages have transformed the organization

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