Matouk cuts manufacturing time in half and enhances customer service with a powerful integration solution

Matouk cuts manufacturing time in half and enhances customer service with a powerful integration solution

With Jitterbit Harmony integrating its cloud-based and on-premise systems, a luxury home linens company transforms its digital operations without disrupting business


Founded in 1929, Matouk is a third-generation, family-owned luxury textile manufacturer. The company’s operations are based in Fall River, Massachusetts, where more than 100 artisans and business professionals work to produce handcrafted bed, bath, dining, and home décor products.


  • Matouk relied on a disparate set of IT systems to support its core functions, creating data silos that prevented the company from operating with optimal efficiency.
  • Migrating key business data to a Salesforce environment, Matouk deployed Jitterbit Harmony to integrate the cloud-based application with its e-commerce storefront, on-premise accounting system, and electronic data interchange (EDI) trading partners.
  • With its integrated IT operations, Matouk improved data visibility across the enterprise, reducing a four-week cycle time for custom manufacturing to just two weeks.



Faster, more efficient production requires a digital overhaul

As a manufacturer of luxury home linens, Matouk takes pride in producing custom products quickly and flawlessly. However, the company relied on a disparate set of enterprise systems for its core business functions, preventing it from operating at optimal efficiency.

With its manufacturing data stored in a material requirements planning (MRP) system, its financial data in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and its customer data in a customer relationship management (CRM) system, Matouk lacked connectivity and data flow across its operations. “We didn’t have the visibility or flexibility to leverage the manufacturing power we have as an asset,” says Stuart Kiely, Matouk VP of Digital.

To accelerate its production processes, Matouk needed to create a flexible, fully connected IT environment. However, it was important for the company to transform its IT operations with minimal disruption to the business.



Seamless connectivity between cloud-based and on-premise applications

Designating the Salesforce enterprise application as its system of record, Matouk migrated its inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, and sales order data to the cloud-based environment. With IT firm Mountain Point as its implementation partner, the business then deployed Jitterbit Harmony, a low-code integration platform, to integrate its website, on-premise accounting system, electronic data interchange (EDI) trading partners, and Salesforce application.

The Jitterbit solution creates a seamless data flow across the enterprise, speeding processes and minimizing the need for manual data entry. For example, when a consumer makes an online purchase through Matouk’s Magento storefront, order data automatically pushes to the Salesforce environment for manufacturing, delivery, and customer service activities.
Matouk Case Study
In addition, Matouk leveraged the Jitterbit technology to launch a cloud-connected solution for its employees working on the manufacturing floor. “Before, we had little to no visibility into how orders and products were moving through the system,” says Kiely. “Now we have a planning engine coupled with a mobile app that gives us real-time visibility.”


“We’ve taken what used to be a four-week cycle time for us to create a custom product and shrunk it down to two weeks.”
— Stuart Kiely, VP of Digital, Matouk



Custom manufacturing in just half the time

By implementing the Jitterbit integration platform, Matouk performed a comprehensive digital transformation of its operations without having to rip and replace its core systems. Instead, the company is building on the value of its existing IT investments and can easily scale by incorporating new platforms as needed.

And Matouk was able to keep its business up and running throughout the effort. “When we went live in January, every single part of our business was touched,” says Kiely. “But it went really smoothly. In fact, in March, we had our best month ever.”

The integrated environment offers the connectivity the company needed to significantly accelerate its manufacturing and production operations. “We’ve taken what used to be a four-week cycle time for us to create a custom product and shrunk it down to two weeks,” says Kiely.

Plus, Matouk now provides a faster, better service experience. Instead of searching through multiple systems for data, the company’s service representatives access a comprehensive order snapshot to quickly provide customers with information and status updates.

“The ability to look at a complete snapshot of an order and see on one screen what shipped, what’s in progress, and what’s on order is invaluable,” says Tracey Johnson, Matouk Customer Service Manager. “We’re saving so much time by no longer having to toggle between screens.”

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