What Did it Feel like Winning the Developer’s Demo Jam at Dreamforce 2019?

What Did it Feel like Winning the Developer’s Demo Jam at Dreamforce 2019?
Dreamforce 2019 Demo Jam Winners - Team Jitterbit
At Dreamforce 2019, a team from Jitterbit won the Developer’s Demo Jam against stiff competition. Demo Jam is a game show-style contest where AppExchange partners show their technology in front of a live audience that votes for their favorite demo. To find out what that experience was like, we interviewed the members of our winning team, Neal Borgerding and Matthew Lonergan.

How Did Standing in the Winner’s Circle Feel?

Neal: Since I had never been to Dreamforce before, I was super nervous going into the event. You have only three minutes to deliver a demo that is short yet interesting enough to capture the audience’s attention.

Matthew: Elated! I knew we had a winner with Jitterbit Maestro, and this is just more proof.

To What Do You Attribute Your Dreamforce 2019 Demo Jam Win?

Neal: I think Matthew’s good looks pushed us over the top. Aside from that, I believe we won because our message was clear about how easy Jitterbit is to use. In less than three minutes, we showed how to use the API manager to create an API, associate the API to Maestro, and then instruct Maestro to read Salesforce data aloud to the audience.

Matthew: Simplicity. Take a problem, fix it in one hundred and eighty seconds live, and don’t click where you don’t need to.

What was your Best Moment at Dreamforce 2019?

Neal: Performing the demo at a competitive event and in front of a live audience. A Dreamforce stage is not the typical environment where we deliver demos. It was a great change of pace and a lot of fun to battle other developers on equal footing. Fortunately for us, everything worked as planned. We were delighted with the results and the reaction of the audience, who voted Jitterbit the best demo.

Matthew: Winning the Demo Jam.

Did You Learn Anything in the Process?

Neal: Being a rookie to this type of event and format, it felt terrific to overcome my nerves and inexperience and deliver a demo that highlighted how easy it is to use Jitterbit.

Matthew: No.

What is the Secret to a Good Demo?

Neal: Provide a clear message or use case that the platform will address and then deliver a demo that speaks to those use cases. Show them what they want to see, not what you think is important. Once you have validated the use case with the client, show your solution early in the presentation to grab their attention. Later you can walk them through the details as to how the pieces can be put together to solve their business problem.

Matthew: Directly connect what you are doing to how it will end their business pain.

How Did You Beat Your Competition Out?

Neal: I believe our message was clear and focused. Most of our competition tried to throw the kitchen sink at the audience, which is overwhelming in a span of just 3-minutes. Matthew delivered precise, engaging and vivid commentary while I was able to easily walk the audience through the process.

Matthew: The audience saw it happen before their eyes. We actually gave them back thirty seconds of our three minute time.

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