Valentine’s Day is for connecting lonely applications

Valentine’s Day is for connecting lonely applications

As Valentine’s Day approaches love is in the air, and here at Jitterbit we are thinking about how many apps we’ve brought together. We’ve played matchmaker for thousands of lonely apps, connecting them and transforming their futures while bringing Harmony to your Enterprise. Today we celebrate some of the connections we’ve made.  After all, Valentine’s Day is for connecting and we’re playing application matchmaker for as many lonely, silo’ed applications as we can!

Here are a few recent examples of applications struck by Cupid’s automapper to get your heart all aflutter:

An e-commerce machine, Skullcandy connects Salesforce, SAP, Magento, and others to automate critical business processes. Previously they were using ad hoc methods to share information between ERP, web stores and shipping partners. Now that these apps can communicate, a budding relationship has formed!

Speaking about the issues of non-integrated applications at Skullcandy, K.C. Fike says Jitterbit “has taken that confusion out of the picture”, so now they know where their products are in the e-commerce process at all times.

Manufacturing outdoors goods, Petzl has been bringing people together since 1973. Unfortunately this does not mean their business applications were communicating. That all changed when Cupid’s Jitterbit arrow struck their CRM and ERP systems!

Previously, Petzl had to hand code their integrations in a time-consuming, unscalable process. Today, their backend, AS/400 based ERP system is fully integrated to Salesforce and their B2B customer portal, allowing seamless information flow and scalability!

A healthcare giant, Bayer produces medication that improves people’s lives every day. To support their business, many applications were used and none talked to each other. This all changed when Jitterbit was brought in to integrate Salesforce, SAP, and an on-premise Oracle data warehouse. Now, Bayer moves order data between systems for validation and fulfillment updates, giving the sales team complete visibility to order status!

As a result of successful integration, fulfillment has gone from “5 days or 2 weeks down to 1 day or less. Jitterbit has been exactly what we wanted”, according to Cornelius Msipha, Business Processes at Bayer.

While we’ve managed to play matchmaker to many organizations’ applications recently, there are still so many lonely, silo’ed apps out there, just waiting to connect to each other. If you know any apps like these, please be sure to give us a call or check out our free 30 day trial!