The New Salesforce Data Loader

The New Salesforce Data Loader

It’s an exciting day for us at Jitterbit as we just announced the General Availability release of our Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for Salesforce! For those of you who didn’t participate in our Beta or Release Preview program, you’ve now got the chance to get your hands on the new (and FREE) next generation Cloud Data Loader.

The GA version adds a few great new features over the previous Release Preview – the biggest of all being built-in support for Salesforce Group Edition and above – even if you don’t have API access. This means any user of Group, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, or Developer Editions can take advantage of this powerful free data loading tool!

Cloud Data Loader Studio is available for both Windows and Mac so you can also configure your imports, exports and more on-the-go, whether you’re connected or not! If you’re already sold, you can download the Data Loader right here:

We worked closely with Salesforce in developing this next gen version of the Cloud Data Loader to ensure it met the requirements of every Salesforce customer. In fact, we went well above and beyond the basic requirements that Salesforce had – We’re delivering a ton of added value and product we’re very proud to put in Salesforce users’ hands.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the key Cloud Data LoaderTM for Salesforce features:

  • Support for Salesforce Group Edition and above
  • Availability for Windows and Mac
  • Wizard-driven import/export tools with drag and drop data mapping
  • Batch automation and monitoring tools
  • Flexible connectivity to move data from any flat file or database to and from Salesforce
  • Support for create, insert, upsert, delete, hard delete, query and bulk loads
  • Easy upgrades to full bi-directional integration and process automation with the Jitterbit cloud integration platform

For more information, explore the differences between the free Cloud Data Loader and complete Jitterbit Harmony platform:

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