Microsoft Convergence key notes: Where’s the integration?

Microsoft Convergence key notes: Where’s the integration?

We’re one week removed from yet another very exciting, busy, and educational Microsoft Convergence. From customers to partners, it felt like one of the biggest topics on the show floor was integration and the need to connect the front office with the back office.

However, there was one place where integration was notably absent from the conversation: the keynote!

We weren’t the only ones who noticed this, Forbes also pointed it out, saying:

“The only aspect of these award winner’s stories that fell short was how the complexity of back office system integration was glossed over. No mention of third party or legacy system integration was made, which could have shown how far Microsoft and its partners have progressed on this point”.

And back on the show floor it wasn’t just talk about the need for integration — but the demand for better options than have been there in the past.

With the explosion in volumes of data, performance and throughput of large data volumes is causing heartache for many people we talked to at our booth. These people had either coded their integrations or were currently using what one person described as the “moped” of Dynamics integration. We won’t name names, but will say that Jitterbit demos of the new Dynamics connectors drew oohs and ahhs from the crowds that gathered to see the next generation (perhaps the Volt or Tesla?) of Dynamics integration.

To see our Dynamics integration solutions yourself, check out our recent webinar on Dynamics integration, and be sure to watch for more in the future!