Quote-to-Cash Certification is here

Quote-to-Cash Certification is here

Starting next week our partner Apttus will begin hosting a series of webinars to certify modern digital businesses on the quote to cash process.  Quote-to-Cash Certification, powered by Apttus, is a free, platform-agnostic, non-technical certification program designed to take your quoting and contracting knowledge to the next level.

This certification is not an Apttus certification per se, but instead a certification on the Quote-to-Cash process.  It is being presented in five modules:

  1. What is Quote-to-Cash? – March 26
  2. Introduction to Configure Price Quote – April 2
  3. Maximizing Revenue with Contracts – April 9
  4. Insight into Cash with Revenue Management – April 16
  5. Quote-to-Cash Success on Salesforce1 – April 23

At the end of the four modules a short test must be passed in order to complete the course and receive the certificate.  This certificate is free, and is not meant to signify knowledge about the Apttus or Jitterbit products, but instead the overall quote-to-cash process.

Why Quote-to-Cash?

Quote-to-Cash is one of the most critical business processes that modern businesses need to master. An integrated process that follows a sales opportunity from quoting to contracting through revenue collection and renewals, it has a direct impact on top-line and bottom-line results. Participate in the certification program to:

  • Effectively leverage your company’s collective intelligence: Learn how to align the most essential sell-side business processes on Quote-to-Cash
  • Become a Quote-to-Cash leader: Help your organization close bigger deals faster than the competition
  • Boost your own marketability: Quote-to-Cash is rapidly emerging as a must-have for innovative organizations, don’t be left out

Our partners Apttus, Xactly, and Docusign are helping lead the digital revolution and adoption of the QTC processes — and tying all these industry leading apps together? You guessed it: Jitterbit.  No matter which apps you’re using for quoting, compensation, digital signatures, CRM and ERP, don’t miss the chance to sign up to get certified!  If you have questions about how Jitterbit plays an integral (and integrated) role in Quote to Cash, please give us a call!