In 2016, Go Beyond the Crystal Ball: Tech Alone Is Not Enough

In 2016, Go Beyond the Crystal Ball: Tech Alone Is Not Enough

The past weeks have seen many experts looking into fancy crystal balls to make 2016 predictions. We could do the same thing, or we could take advantage of what’s already out there and “integrate” other people’s predictions with the work we do here. Given that integration is our core focus at Jitterbit, we thought the latter would make more sense. So here we go:

B2B will catch up to B2C

6Sense CEO Amanda Kahlow tells Salesforce that “B2B companies have far more data than B2C,” something we see every day in our work with mid-size and large companies. This massive amount of data, when properly connected, will take B2B operations to the next level. We’ve already done this with consumer companies, like Mophie and Skullcandy, helping them bring together their data to proactively understand customers and not just react to problems, and we agree that many of our enterprise customers will excel on this front in 2016.

The IoT becomes the IoS

A lot of the focus on the Internet of Things has been on the Things themselves – that is, the hardware. But as Chris Klein of The Next Web writes, “now that IoT companies have mastered hardware, 2016 will be the year of sophisticated, forward-thinking software.” We’re already working on this front by providing software that can be built in to smart devices and enable them to push updates when they have valuable data to share or when things go wrong.

Integration will be the name of the game

“It’s increasingly important that your CRM be able to seamlessly integrate with your ecommerce platform, your marketing automation software, your analytics software, your accounting system… the list goes on and on,” Katie Hollar of Capterra says in CIO. She’s preaching to the choir here at Jitterbit, where connecting all of these systems is what we do best. But we understand that CRM integrations have different needs from ERP integrations which have different needs from EDI integrations. Our experience with many kinds of connections means that we can help not just connect apps technically, but also shape the key processes needed to grow any business.

Big data gets real

ZDNet collects several experts musing on the future of big data. We especially like John Schroeder of MapR’s (oddly capitalized) prediction that “Shiny Object Syndrome Gives Way to Increased Focus on Fundamental Value.” We agree that big data has definitely achieved the technological maturity to become an everyday part of doing business. That said, any big data is going to need to be connected to other systems to reach its full potential. Until that happens, data remains merely an array of shiny objects in a database and is not a true component of people’s everyday lives.


Technology is always exciting, but in our daily interactions and our customer testimonials alike, we consistently hear that relationships with people are what make a business work. Just like technology can’t save the Dark Side in Star Wars, technology alone can’t save a business either. So in 2016 our biggest prediction is that we will see a shift in focus from merely trying exciting new technologies to actually making them work for the people who run businesses – and the customers who patronize those businesses.

That means instead of a focus on just the crystal ball, tarot cards, or tea leaves, we’ll see a focus on the humans involved in building our future. And that’s a 2016 prediction anyone can appreciate.