Find your sessions at Dreamforce ’14!

Find your sessions at Dreamforce ’14!

Dreamforce takes place October 13-16 and there is A LOT to see, do, and take in during the week.  Jitterbit will have more sessions than ever and we’d like to help you find your sessions at Dreamforce ’14.   So fire up the Dreamforce Agenda Builder, here are the sessions we’d hate to see you miss:

The Integration Roadmap: New Integration Solutions for Connecting to Any App
Join us to hear the innovative new ways to integrate Salesforce1 to any enterprise endpoint. Learn from the integration experts from Jitterbit and about new solutions for connected cloud analytics, virtual integration, and real-time APIs. See live demos for quickly connecting to any data source, connecting with the new Salesforce1 virtual objects, and building composite APIs that open new channels of customer and partner revenue.

Connecting the Acronyms
CRM. ERP. PLM. CPQ. CAD. Successful manufacturers often juggle all of these, yet few have connected them in an optimal way. Join us to see how one customer has, and learn about a new approach to manufacturing automation that might just change how you look at your business.

Harmonize Your Quote-to-Cash Process
Join us to learn how successfully revolutionized their processes by implementing Jitterbit’s cloud integration platform, DocuSign, Apttus, and Xactly. automated their entire quote-to-cash process across cloud applications, bringing down costs and ultimately driving a fundamental shift in the overall sales experience, internally and externally.

Driving Organizational Change: Stories from the Front Lines
Technology is only as powerful as the people who use it. Join us for this panel presentation with both higher education and non-profit customers to learn how you can encourage your users to take advantage of Salesforce1, win the adoption battle, and better achieve your mission.

Here’s a great session put on by our partner, Apttus:

A Foolproof Guide to E-Commerce and Multi-Channel Success on Salesforce
You’re already using Salesforce for your direct sales and partners, but what about online sales? Join us to learn how Salesforce and Neopost leverage Configure Price Quote (CPQ), mobile capabilities, and Salesforce Communities to successfully execute a multi-channel and E-Commerce strategy.

And finally, here’s one to attend just for fun:

The Home of the Future is Here Now: Connecting Your Home to Salesforce1
It’s just a matter of time before your home is completely wired, providing you money and time-saving advice. It’s also likely that the business engine powering your home devices is Salesforce1. Join us to find out how several Salesforce1 Customers leveraged the platform to service their customers in a whole new way — at home.

Be sure to favorite and register for these sessions on the Dreamforce Agenda Builder, space is limited!  If you miss a seat, just stop by at the start time to see if there are seats left.

We hope to see you there!  If you have any questions about Dreamforce or Cloud Integration, please feel free to give us a call!