Dreamforce ’14 Wrap-Up

Dreamforce ’14 Wrap-Up

Dreamforce ‘14 has come and gone, but what an event it was!  Among the many announcements, keynotes, and performances was the Jitterbit booth in North Moscone and our street team cranking up the volume on the rest of the event.  With such a crazy week of sessions, events and parties it was easy to miss some of the awesome things the Jitterbit team was up to.   Enjoy our recap!


The “Amplify Your Apps!” Booth 

Jitterbit was a hotspot this year, with our main booth in Moscone attracting tens of thousands of visitors.   From customers and partners to prospects and users – we were feeling the love in the air.  The Harmony platform was a crowd favorite, from our free Data Loader to our enterprise cloud integration platform.

With multiple booths across Moscone North, South, and West, 9 sessions, and live demos on our 8 foot tall video screen, we were hard to miss!  One of the highlights of the show for us was showing off Harmony on the giant video screen.  In fact, on Thursday at 2pm — after Salesforce had announced the end of the show and the closing of the expo hall — we put on one last demo by popular demand, and a crowd of 30+ people stayed to watch until they were kicked out by security. Connecting every thing with Jitterbit was the Dreamforce encore!

3 of our sessions were put on by Salesforce themselves and focused on how they use Jitterbit internally to help manage their Quote-to-Cash process.  That Salesforce chose to highlight our technology to such an extent is a testament to the value of building easy to use, rapid to deploy, cloud integration technology that allows even the biggest, most innovative companies to become more efficient and productive.



During his keynote, Marc Benioff announced Wave, Salesforce’s own analytics solution.  According to eWeek, Wave is “the company’s sixth subcloud on SalesForce1. It’s built on the business-intelligence software startup, EdgeSpring, it bought last last year. Wave takes all that collected enterprise data noted above and enables line-of-business people to explore, query and visualize it from all the categories kept inside Salesforce and other sources”.

A monumental release for Salesforce in the very hot field of analytics, Wave will surely make a splash.  To fully take advantage of Wave, an organization will need to make sure all their data is in Salesforce, lest they miss out on valuable insights.  Marc Benioff  credited Jitterbit during his keynote as a go-to vendor for integration to the Wave Analytics Cloud.

We officially announced our Analytics Cloud connector right after Marc’s keynote.  Keith Bigelow, senior vice president & general manager, Salesforce Analytics Cloud, salesforce.com, explained that “Salesforce Analytics Cloud is the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user. With partners such as Jitterbit joining the Analytics Cloud ecosystem, companies can integrate a wealth of structured and unstructured data to extend analytics for every business need, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore and share data instantly, uncover new insights and take action from anywhere”.

During the week, we also announced our partnership with Vlocity to deliver industry-specific solutions that connect Vlocity Industry Apps to third party enterprise endpoints and applications.  As said by David Schmaier, CEO and founder Vlocity, “Today’s largest and most successful customer-connected companies need applications that are tailored to their industry yet connected to the industry data and business processes from their on-premise and cloud architectures”.  Connecting a new era of industry-specific digital processes will enable companies to deliver an engaging, meaningful and ultimately more rewarding experience to the end customer and we get to live out our customer-company values.



Our partners also put on the show with multiple networking events that drew great crowds:

  • The Oil & Gas happy hour put on by Jitterbit, LiquidFrameWorks, & Appirio at Bartlett Hall brought together the big energy players and industry experts.
  • The Salesforce SE Happy Hour at the B Restaurant and Bar gave us a chance to thank and network with sales engineers who have given us great feedback on our product and who continue to use Jitterbit when integrating their customer’s systems at Salesforce.
  • Our Customer Appreciation event with Magnet 360 and Velocify was packed to the walls in the Presidential Suite at the Marriott Marquis hotel.  Enjoying a happy hour cocktail 32 floors above street level in San Francisco is tough to beat, no wonder we hit capacity!


@Trish_Dishes: @jitterbit I think I got accosted by a group of giant #Cheetos… Its cool though because they gave me earbuds #DF14

Speaking of having a good time, Dreamforce always brings out some cool marketing.  Our neighboring booth, Silverline CRM, had a lego-replica of Marc Benioff and Appirio had a large oil painting of Marc taming a bull — the likeness was uncanny.

We got in on the action too, with our favorite orange morph guys running around streets surrounding the event and some fun beachball madness at the Bruno Mars concert!

There were social media-worthy happenings occurring all over the event, here are some of our favorites:

Thanks to all our customers, staff, and partners for a productive and fun Dreamforce 2014.  What were your favorite parts of Dreamforce ’14?  Let us know on Twitter!

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