Docusign Momentum ’15 is around the corner, are you part of the digital revolution?

Docusign Momentum ’15 is around the corner, are you part of the digital revolution?

With partners like Docusign, we’ve helped many businesses go fully digital. Going digital allows companies to automate quote-to-cash and other processes, increasing the speed of business, creating greater accuracy and eliminating paperwork and fax machines. Ridding an organization of paper-based processes can dramatically increase efficiency for sales and services teams!

Companies like Sika Corporation, Bayer, Reed Construction Data, and Salesforce have all figured this out already. Using Jitterbit and Docusign, they’ve created end-to-end automated business processes that take paper out of the equation. By doing so, these organizations can sync stocked items between the back and front office, receive an order, process it, ship it, and let your sales rep know to check in on the completed order.

Salesforce and their Project Delight is the perfect example of this paperless, integrated process. Using an automated Quote to Cash process, similar to what is described above, Salesforce has seen some amazing results:

  • Reduced manual processing of quotes by 20% through Docusign
  • Over 50% adoption in sales, speeding up time to close through Docusign
  • Reduced manual processing of quotes by additional 50% through Jitterbit
  • Reduced resource requirements to a single Business Analyst responsible for Jitterbit
  • A 100% digital, cloud-based process!

Naturally, integration is a major part of this process. Jitterbit does the heavy lifting of connecting systems and ensuring timely delivery, allowing the Salesforce sales process to be a fully digital operation. At Jitterbit, we also use Docusign and Salesforce which means our reps never touch a piece of paper. Being a digital business is great!

Join the digital revolution and set your fax machine free with Jitterbit and Docusign. Your customers — and countless trees — will thank you. So too will your Board and your bottom line, thanks to the increase in sales you’ll attribute to newfound efficiency.

We hope to see you at Docusign Momentum 2015 in San Francisco! We love the opportunity to show off our integration chops live and in person – talking integration and digital processes is what we do for fun! If you won’t be there, please feel free to give us a call to talk integration and check out our free 30 day trial!