Become a Customer Company through Agile Integration

Become a Customer Company through Agile Integration

Cloud, Social, and Mobile apps have empowered customers.   They can comparison shop on the go, review your services in 140 characters, and discover new products with a swipe of their finger.   As a result, companies today need to treat customers as equals, and engage with them wherever they are, whenever they want.

Salesforce has termed this the “Customer company”, but the concept of “always on” customer engagement extends beyond Social apps and the Front office.

Becoming a true customer company means connecting your back office with your front office so that marketing, sales, and support can not only react in real-time to their customers, but with the right context – understanding the profile of their customers, including the products and services they use.

Integration is the lynchpin that allows companies to leverage all this customer data.

At Jitterbit, we’ve helped hundreds of companies make this shift towards becoming a Customer company by connecting their front and back office to create a Customer Office.  Let’s take a look at a few of them:


  • Audio brand that reflects the collision of the music, fashion and action sports lifestyles
  • Complete front and back office integration with the supply chain, including 3PLs and trading partner platforms.
  • SAP and Salesforce integration


  • Manufacturer of climbing and outdoor sporting equipment
  • Data Integration Tool Increases Salesforce ROI for Leading Outdoor Equipment Supplier
  • Petzl Relies on Jitterbit to Integrate its IBM-based ERP and B2B Website


  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Complete visibility to the sales process from both Salesforce and SAP
  • Automate the integration of Sales and Accounting

If you are attending any up the upcoming Salesforce Customer Company Tour events, please come find us!  We would be very happy to have a conversation about how integration can help you turn your organization into a customer company!