AWPRx Prescribes Jitterbit for Cloud Integration

AWPRx Prescribes Jitterbit for Cloud Integration

TechTarget recently launched a new website named Healthcare Software Review, and one of their inaugural pieces is a great case study on one of our customers, AWPRx.

AWPRx is affiliated with 95 percent of the nation’s pharmacies to help workers compensation beneficiaries conveniently fill prescriptions and manage claims in a pure Web environment.

Their Chief Architect, Ray Hudaihed, has been a great champion for Jitterbit and has provided us some great support in the development of Jitterbit 3.0. According to Techtarget’s case study, it sounds like its a happy two way street. Some highlights:

Partnering with Jitterbit and getting some help from helped AWPRx move its workers’ compensation prescription data onto the cloud. In doing so, the company should save hundreds of thousands of dollars this year alone.

With Jitterbit, AWPRx has cut its allocated integration budget by more than 80% and seen a huge return…[AWPRx] expects to save up to $400,000 by the end of the year, based initially on the savings realized by partnering with Jitterbit and

After educating executives about Jitterbit’s capabilities, costs and capabilities, Hudaihed quickly received C-level buy-in. “I’ve had much more difficult challenges in the past,” he said.

Hudaihed said, “Involving an organization like Jitterbit got the big boys off my back.”

Read the full case study over at TechTarget.