Intelliflo achieves dramatic results with data connections

Intelliflo is the leading provider of practice management software to the UK financial advice industry. The company’s clients manage the finances of over eight million people in the UK.

Hamish Purdey, CEO of Intelliflo, explains that the company decided to add an integration layer to ensure an effective flow of data through the systems that run their business. The initial use case was to connect Salesforce and NetSuite. After an extensive search, Purdey chose Jitterbit not only because of its ease of use, but also due to the integration methodology of the software.

The integration took just a couple of weeks, which Purdey felt was “quick and effective.” Intelliflo used Jitterbit’s professional services to help train their staff on systems using real-world examples.

After finding Jitterbit “very easy to work with,” Intelliflo expanded its use within the business dramatically. The company now uses Jitterbit to connect over 35 systems in a wide variety of use cases.

According to Purdey, “the real benefit of the Jitterbit software is that it just connects things to things. When you start to apply that logic to the rest of the business, then you can achieve some pretty amazing outcomes.”

Intelliflo’s team has seen the benefits in terms of efficiency gains, which Purdey describes as “quite special.” Feedback from members of the sales team was that, “Our business is so wonderful; everything is automated. We just do nothing that’s manual.” The underlying efficiency created by the integration means that employees can spend their time growing the company’s bottom line.

Intelliflo’s customers have experienced the benefits of the Jitterbit integration in many ways. With over 10  processes happening within 30 seconds of a contract being electronically signed, automation has greatly reduced the possibility for manual errors and subsequent customer friction.

An example of the ease of integration was that Intelliflo was able to connect to the Telephone Preference Service register within an hour, removing the risk of complaints from unwanted calls.

Intelliflo has also reduced the incidence of bounced customer payments by over 80 percent using Jitterbit to connect to a third-party direct debit management system. The company can now automatically reconcile their CRM and finance systems every three hours, which gives the team peace of mind that integrations are working and their data is clean. Importantly, sales and account management teams can direct their energies into activities that benefit their clients.

“Integration has given us the ability to significantly increase our efficiency and productivity, which in turn has quite a dramatic effect on our customers’ experience with us,” Purdey said.




The market leading practice management system for financial advisers.




  • Over 35 systems, including Salesforce and NetSuite


  • Needed to ensure an effective flow of data within the business
  • Required an integration layer to connect Salesforce and NetSuite


  • Over 35 system connections with up to 70 planned by mid-2017
  • Huge benefits from automation, including over 80 percent reduction in bounced direct debit payments
  • Efficiency gains means sales teams spend time improving customer experience and making sales
  • Easy and automated integrations allow Intelliflo’s customers to see improved efficiency by using Jitterbit to connect systems and data